Why yt2fb.com is better than the competitors?

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When you have all the talent and the required criteria to make it big as a social media influencer, you should widen your horizon and go limitless. Your start might be from YouTube by uploading videos on your channel but that does not mean you will restrict yourself precisely to that platform. If you have gained enough popularity on YouTube with a good fan base and you want to expand, Facebook is the best option for you.

Currently, Facebook is the largest social media platform providing exposure and fame to social media influencers. With the maximum number of active users on Facebook, several hours of videos are streamed daily by people residing in various parts of the world. Therefore, Facebook will serve as the best tool for you where you can share your YouTube channel’s videos to reach out to a larger scale of audience. Also, the more people like and share your video, the more likely it is for the content to become viral.

The first step which you should follow is, add up all your social media handles on the description box of your YouTube video so that people know it’s your account on other social media platforms. If you are a verified contact on any of the social media platforms, then do sync your accounts. The second step which you should follow is, upload a video on YouTube first as you kept doing for all these years. Now copy the YouTube video’s address link and paste it on Yt2fb.com’s YouTube to Facebook. This online YouTube to Facebook converter will help in converting your YouTube videos to a new format which is compatible with Facebook.

You can share the link to this newly converted video on your Facebook timeline along with a good title and description. When your Facebook friends will click on that link, they will be redirected to your YouTube channel. This will help you gain views on your YouTube video naturally. This service of Yt2fb is absolutely free of cost, extremely quick and user-friendly. There are other online portals as well who will provide such services for a nominal charge or may require 2-3 working days. But, you will get this service on yt2fb within a matter of a few seconds.

The third step which you should remember is to convert the thumbnail while converting videos from YouTube to Facebook. The thumbnails on Facebook are larger in size with better pixel quality for grabbing the attention of the audience at once. You can simply add a capture from your video or customised your thumbnail. To get a customised YouTube thumbnail, upload the customised image you wish to see along with the title, description and link of your YouTube’s video. After you get the new YouTube video with the desired thumbnail, convert the video to make it compatible with Facebook. The FBlinker will help you get a customised YouTube to Facebook thumbnail as per Facebook’s guidelines and requirements.

All such services are available in a short span of time without any cost at Yt2fb.com. This website also provides services in creating blogs and converting YouTube videos to MP3 which undoubtedly makes it better than its competitors!

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