Which is the best sales CRM tool? Sales force automation made easy

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A sales CRM tool is the software that promotes a business’ financial growth by increasing the value of the sales registered. In short, it is a sales management tool. Some software products of this kind, state-of-the-art software products, offer total control over the relationship with the customer and sales experience. They even promote repetitive interactions with a customer, in order to create a loyal, dedicated customer. Automation is the bottom line when it comes to sales force software products. These tools allow business establishments to focus on their relationship with diverse individuals, from customers, to vendors, partners, sales leads, and so on. They allow the dedicated departments to bond a fruitful relationship with those and promote their profitability.

How to select the right sales force CRM software for your company?

Now that it’s clear why CRM and sales management tools are crucial for a developing company, and business owners must know which features make these smart apps worth their attention. Each business has different goals, and it is necessary to keep in mind several guidelines when searching for a product like this.

  • Create a checklist of sales processes you must improve. Because each company faces different challenges when it comes to sales, it is necessary to identify the areas for improvement. For instance, a great sales force CRM tool will help you prioritize the customers and anticipate their necessities. This way, you will have the possibility to adapt your approach to their needs.
  • Search for analytical features. Users benefit more from intelligent software products, the ones, which allow them to have a full view over their strategies and outcomes. In many cases, there appear problems in the communication flow with the leads. These problems can be eliminated only with the help of a smart program.
  • Ready-to-go sales processes. It is better to search for a product that has integrated advanced automation features for all developing processes in the sales strategy. This will minimize human error chances. Also, it will boost the sales potential and capabilities of your teams.
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Based on these guidelines, companies can now start their search for the best sales force CRM tools. A small list of such systems is available below.

bpm’ online

Bpm’ online is a software product that incorporates all the benefits brought by state-of-the-art technology and features in a single app. The vendor prides themselves, rightfully, to minimize missteps and increase client retention with the help of their CRMtrio: bpm’online marketing, bpm’online sales and bpm’online service. These products help with the automation of crucial processes on each stage of customer life cycle. Bpm’online sales is a great SFA product designed to automate all sales-related processes. Some incredible features incorporated in it are:

  • 360º view of customers;
  • Business process management;
  • Opportunity management;
  • Lead management;
  • Sales forecasting;
  • Order and invoice management;
  • Document flow automation;
  • Product management;
  • Contract management;
  • Synchronization and integration;
  • Project management features;
  • Knowledge management etc.

For instance, the sales forecasting feature helps sales reps to manage their goals and fulfil the sales quota with ease. It also allows users to form a clearer image of their progress by showing relevant data in terms of the evolution of sales volumes.


Another user-friendly sales tracking CRM many users may enjoy is the Capsule CRM software. The app allows to easily manage sales pipeline with the help of the simple interface. It includes a sales dashboard, potential values and upcoming sales and orders. A witty feature also allows the user to track all sales opportunities and their estimated values as well. Milestones, such as Prospect – Meeting – Proposal – Won are linked to increased productivity and financial outcomes. However, many users claim that sometimes it is difficult to find certain features with ease, which prevents them from reaching their full potential.

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A software product designed for small enterprises, 1 CRM is one of the most customizable and user-friendly CRM and sales management tools currently available on the market. It integrates more sales force automation features than Capsule does. This way, it will help teams work more effectively by:

  • Keeping a close eye on sales and opportunities;
  • Automating the marketing strategy;
  • Managing the orders;
  • Supporting the clients and customer relations department;
  • Integrating new products and services;
  • Booking meetings.

Interested managers can visit their official webpage at https://www.1crm.com/ and find more information about this tool.

In Stream

Also highly appropriate for small and medium enterprises in a variety of industries, the In Stream app allows the user to build and personalize a multitude of lists and goals. This way, each company will have the necessary features appropriate for their particular case.. It promotes returns in terms of sales, eliminating one-time sales prospects. The system promises to:

  • Turn leads into loyal customers;
  • Provide the sales team with modern sales tools;
  • Improve sales prospects;
  • Turn your sales into predictable events.

Clients using this app claim that is fairly simple to use, and offers measurable results, if adapted to the company’s profile and necessities.

Green Rope

Green Rope promises to deliver one of the most conductive sales CRM online tools. The company’s Sales Suite mixes a multitude of features that will surely be appreciated by all sales departments and sales persons, equally:

  • Workflow manager;
  • Sales opportunities;
  • SMS marketing abilities;
  • Sales analytics features;
  • Predictive Analytics;
  • Lead scoring tools;
  • Digital document signing.

The entire philosophy behind the software is that sales processes are built through a stronger relationship with the customers. Thus, it enables business owners to consolidate their position on the market by offering a wide selection of intelligent features.

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Depending on your company’s profile and necessities, you can select one of the five sales force automation products listed above.

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