How about using Instagram to drive tons of traffic to your Website!

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When it come to social media marketing, most of the entrepreneurs think about the larger networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other such sites. Other than these there are few more emerging platforms for social media marketing. Sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Flickr can seriously drive tons of traffic to your website. However, among them Instagram is the most favorable one, as it is evolving into a visual feast and has around four hundred million users.


Most of the social media marketing agency has already discovered how Instagram is used to drive traffic to your website. It helps to market your business by connecting to the direct followers of website. It can even generate quality website traffic by using simple techniques. It’s less cluttered and puts the visual content first. It don’t even restrict on characters for post description. Since, visual content is gaining popularity these days therefore, a marketer should find out the best time to post the visuals. People might miss the posts as they are not always online.

Social Media Marketing companies in Chandigarh are skilled enough to drive website traffic and increase brand awareness through Instagram. Despite of the fact that material product can be promoted physically, this application gives a powerful platform to marketers and businesses to promote their products and services by giving a virtual experience to the user or by marketing it online. Let’s see how traffic comes to your website:

  • Instagram lets you to add a clickable link in your bio. You should make sure that it is being used effectively. To add this link to your bio, you need to go to Edit Profile and type it in the Website text box. is a tool that uses your bio link to direct followers to a page, which gives them the same look and feel as your Instagram feed. Images can be clicked there to purchase products or read contents and stories behind it.
  • It provides a special feature where you can place a call to action on images. This is a method that is favorable for Instagram contests, where the followers are asked for their email information on a website. This gives an opportunity to share branded content that could drive number of followers to the contest.
  • To spice up the posts and feed, videos can be used. A 15 second narrative can speak innovatively about your content. A video brings digital storytelling to life. It contains several inbound links than image posts and are swift, amusing and appealing and also it make the viewers to learn more.
  • Instagram is shortly opening its API to all companies and brands. This will give a chance to target right viewers or group. Clickable links gives an idea to the followers about digital campaigns and it also leads to an increase in website visits. There are 3 types of sponsored Instagrams ads: image, video and carousel. All three types of ads take account of a clickable Learn More button that takes followers to the website.

It can work more efficiently if you leverage the reach of influencers. Influencers are known for their brand recommendations, advices and reviews. So, it is important to get connected to good influencers in your niche.

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