How to Unlock Windows 10 Computer if You Forgot the Password

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Windows has been in the market since decades. It is known to be the most compatible software that runs both on computers, laptops and mobile phones too. Being a part of this globalized dynamic environment, nothing can remain constant. Everything needs to be upgraded as per changes in the surrounding and changes in tastes and preferences of customers. Windows is renowned to upgrade itself from time to time and before the customer feels the need of change, Windows is ready with their enhancements.

Our technological life wouldn’t have been simpler without Windows and their features. Using computers and laptops have become easy all thanks to the versions of Windows. One such version, the Windows 10 is the most recent update and is very similar to the previous versions, with new changes in it.

To err is human, and to forget is also human. We all have passed through a phase in life, when we change passwords and fail to remember them. Windows clearly understands this set back and for sure worked on it, as we do have a quick turnaround in case we forget our Windows 10 computer password.

To be able to unlock Windows 10 password in situations where you forgot your password, you have two ways to do so:

  1. Unlock the computer with the options available on the login screen
  2. Unlock the computer using your Microsoft Live account through the password reset tool

Below is the detailed explanation of how to use each method:

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Option #1: Unlock the computer with the options available on the login screen

On the log in screen, you will be able to see an option of ‘forgot password’. On the Windows 10 login screen, below that option, you will be able to see other options to sign- in. Those options will include sign in through PIN Code, sign in through picture password and a reset password link.

Remember: In order to be able to use and avail these options, you will have to set these passwords before itself – which means that, before you get locked out of your personal computer.


These options will show up on the log in screen once the login password for your Windows 10 computer is checked wrong.

Option #2: Use Password Reset tool

If you have the Microsoft Live account, you can avail this option of recovering your password through the Windows Password reset tool. When you forgot your password and type in the incorrect one more than the limit that is permitted, then it will automatically show you a link for the Microsoft Password reset website, which can be used on any other device to login in through your Microsoft email ID.

Password Reset tool

When you access through that link, you will have three options pertaining to why you can’t sign in. In this case, you will select – I forgot my password

When you click on the first option, you will be redirected to the standard recovery options – where it will ask you security options, where it will ask you basic identification questions that you must have answered at the time of setting up the Microsoft account.

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If you observe, you will have the sending the security code either on your registered recovery email ID or registered mobile number. Once you click on the most convenient option, you will receive a security code, and you will have to use it to get to the page of set up new password.

You will have to set up a new password, which can then be used directly on your Windows 10 personal computer, which had got locked out.

If none of the above work, you can always use the boot of your Windows 10. However, this is a complicated process and not everybody can follow this process effectively. The best tip to not forget passwords is to remember them! If you cannot remember too many passwords, then you shall get into the habit of noting it down somewhere, which is handy to ONLY you, and does not fall in the hands of wrong people. But still, out of human habit, next time, if you forget your password, follow one of the above options to quickly recover the password.

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