Why Training in Data Visualization Should be Your Aim in 2019

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Today, organizations have access to a massive volume of data that can be implemented to make data-driven decisions for all the verticals. This brings us to the biggest question data management teams ask – “We have the data. But, how do we represent it?”

In the data science industry, every data point tells a story.

The trend of representing data in a readable and interactive manner on dashboards is taking the data science industry by storm.

Here are five basic standards, or benchmarks, that data visualization training online courses could be prescribing to the professionals.

These standards are:

  1. Data Visualization should be generated by computer, and not infographic
  2. It must have at least three data coordinates for sustaining visualization as scalable and reusable format
  3. The data source, data owner and data users should be clearly mentioned
  4. It should not rely on the user behaviour but must take into account Predictive and Prescriptive intelligence
  5. It should be actionable information for the end user.

Experts in Data Visualization would be the Kings of Data Analytics

Training in Data visualization online is garnering significant attention from data analysts and scientists who reflect on the trends and strategies affecting the businesses.

Here are some key techniques taught in Data visualization training online that could open many career avenues for professionals.

  1. Data Journalism

As businesses invest millions to decipher customer intent and personalization behaviors towards marketing and advertising campaigns, data visualization experts with proven experience in data storytelling would make the cut in the competition.

  1. Data Discovery

Data quality is always measured at the provider-level. Data visualization gives data management platforms ability to dig down to the micro-level of quality and performance of data. This directly improves the data intelligence and analytics churned from the data management platforms.

  1. Working with Big Data Made Easy

Reimagining Big Data in any way without data visualization is unimaginable. With the kind of disruption we see in Data Management technologies for Location Data, Social Media Data, Advertising and Audience data from diverse sources, it is only clever to harness Data Visualization techniques.

  1. Training and Mentoring Data Analysts

The role of mentors in data industry is often underplayed. Today, top enterprises rely on data visualization experts to train data analysts paired with creative visual and graphic artists to build hybrid data storytelling scripts.

  1. Money is where Data is

The data engine is driving the current economy cycle for multi-national and local companies irrespective of where they are based. The global data visualization was pegged at 5 billion USD in 2017, and it is expected to double to 8 billion USD by 2023. The pace of Cloud and AI deployment at enterprise level are catalyst to how data visualization jobs are opening p in every sector, including in government, NGO and military.

To surf in the ongoing data deluge, businesses are increasingly investing in high value Data Visualization platforms to analyze insights for real-time decision-making. Good talent in data mining is just the connecting link.

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