Top five android LoL apps

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Everyone love fun in their life and in the technology era phone is an important part of today’s generation. They will have many apps which are exceptional and make it possible to come out of boredom. It may consist of jokes, quotes, memes and the funny videos. To enjoy the funny apps you just have to install them on your smartphones through browsing. These apps become the reason of your happiness and make you smile. Here are funny apps mentions below, download them and enjoy the apps:

  • 9GAG:

It is social media site where audience upload9GAGs the contents and also facilitating the clients to found content from other social media websites. The founder of the site is Ray Chan and is originated from the Hong Kong and is continuously growing. Here you can find funny captions which will bring laugh and shows the creativity of the designer and the good humor, save them and share with your friends.

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It is an internet media situated in New York. It basically focuses on the news and the entertainment news relat9GAGed to the digital media and technology. The owner of the Buzzfeed is Buzzfeed inc. and having the 770+ employees. It produces the content on daily basis and is a reason behind the entertainment and knowledge. It is famous among the users and gets popularity as the fun site. In this there are multiple categories and users are free to select their desired portion and enjoy. They have the best Lol factor.

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Talking Tom:

This is well-known and the famous app and liked by many people whether they are adults and kids. It is create by the Outfit7Talking Tom Limited with six characters. This app attracts the audience and achieved the 3 billion plus downloads. The specialty of this app is that the tom repeats what you say to it and you enjoys the adventure and playing with the tom.

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IFUNFACE is an animation app in which you can create the amusing videos and edit the pictures and can also create the funny recording. You can put the funny characters on your pictures and make them funny and can share them on social mIFUNFACEedia with your family and friends. You can also do with the videos as well and upload them on the YouTube and other networks.

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It is a game which is played by putting your smartphone against your forehead, then it will play the puzzle and your friends give you the clues to guess that what is it. It is really interesting and you will enjoy with your friends.HeadsUp

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