Top 5 Best and Secure iOS Messaging Platforms for 2017

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The world cannot stop obsessing over the instant messages apps, which have beaten the tyranny of distance hollow.

And, in all fairness, we can’t either.

These apps let you send messages in real-time for free, and keep your flock together.

We’ve listed down top 5 iOS messaging apps for 2017, which are perfect options if you are looking out for easy messaging without keeping your personal data open to cyber miscreants.

  1. WhatsApp

Launched: January 2010

Your regular way of going about your routine might jump into abandon if WhatsApp stops working. That’s how we paraphrase its addiction.

What It Is: Rightly a quantum leap in the arena of instant messaging, WhatsApp allows you to send texts, images, video and audio messages to your contacts in a way that’s easiest to all of us.

Privacy: Laced with an encryption formula that’s the best one out there, iOS users are totally safe with their content here. Besides iOS, it is compatible with Windows and Android as well.

  1. iMessage

Launched: February 2012

iMessage is Apple exclusive, and in no manner short of being anything than an easy, intuitive app to keep your game on point.

What It Is: iMessage is an instant messaging platform available for those owning an iDevice. The app offers great messaging features to connect you with your contacts, having an iPad or an iPhone, and send texts, images, audio and video messages in real-time. It supports group chats as well. iMessage for Windows isn’t available. You need an emulator to download and access the app.

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Privacy: Your messages are protected by end-to-end encryption on iMessage. Speaking of which, you are completely safe on iMessage with your personal information here.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Launched: August 2011

We really can’t find faults with Facebook Messenger when we’ve trust issues with the web. A nibbling fact is that Facebook owns WhatsApp since February 2014, which proves its dominance at large.

What It Is: Facebook Messenger is an easy top scorer, delivering real-time messaging experience that’s no measure less than a perfect. Not sure if iOS users find a reliable messaging platform than this! Facebook Messenger boasts of a super-easy interface, using which, you can send messages, images, links, videos and much more to your friends on Facebook.

Privacy: And, yes, you’re absolutely safe here with end-to-end encryption.

  1. Snapchat

Launched: September 2011

Snapchat doesn’t lack any merit and needs no real reason to be on the list.

What It Is: Snapchat is a refreshing take on the concept on instant messaging with messages expiring in just 24 hours from the time of their sharing. Thus, you cannot use Snapchat if there’s something important to share. The filters on Snapchat pack a unique punch, and build a strong clout for the app.

Privacy: You can see messages only for a day, as they vanish in 24 hours. Besides this, The privacy is the strongest of its kind, encrypting your data through and through.

  1. Google Hangouts

Launched: May 2013

Google Hangouts can easily be on the cover of most bankable messaging platforms for professional and personal purposes.

What It Is: A communication platform by Google, Hangouts is completed with features, including instant messaging, video chats, SMS and VOIP. The service is accessible to a user with an active Gmail account. Group chats are also available here. Google Hangouts is widely used by iOS users, and is also compatible with Android and Windows OS.

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Privacy: Google Hangouts is an product offering absolute data encryption facility by Google.

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