Top 10 Tips to get the perfect Web Page Design Portfolio

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Having a good portfolio increases the chances of grabbing more projects and converting the visitors into leads. Being in a creative field such as web page design and web development, you can carry on with projects for yourself and showcase in your portfolio. Here are top 10 tips on how to get the perfect portfolio whether you wish to mention your own projects or projects for clients.

  1. Don’t Go All In

There are some trial projects, good projects, and then there are awesome projects. List only the awesome ones. We know you love all your web design and web development projects, but don’t list all your projects in the portfolio. The not-so-good projects will do more harm to your reputation than good.

  1. In Trend

Even when you are doing web design and web development projects for yourself, try practicing the techniques and technologies that are in trend and demand. Clients look for professionals who are sound with latest Web Page Design practices. Your knowledge base of newest technologies and tools will put you miles ahead of your competition.

  1. Case Studies

Case Studies qualify only for client based projects. Clients do like to know the process of your working and how your web design and web development services helped your clients in their business. Case studies help you line up these portions and explain everything about the project in detail. Things you can mention in a case study include; Project Description, Goals, and Objectives, strategy, Tools used, results.

  1. CTA
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CTAs are the doors between you and your prospective client. Place your CTAs at somewhere on the web page where it is easily accessible for the visitors.

  1. Testimonials

Words from your clients add icing on the cake. Ask for feedback on your work from your clients about your web design and Web Development Services. Have a section on your web page dedicated only to the testimonials. List all the good ones there to leave a stronger impression on the website visitor.

  1. Your Personality

Tailor your web page design portfolio to reflect your personality. You can mold it as your USP. Make your portfolio that describes your best personally and professionally.

  1. The Basics

Here are the Must-Haves on your web page design portfolio site;

  • Logo of your name
  • Tagline for you as a brand
  • Web design and Web Development Services you offer
  • About you
  • Contact information
  • Social media links
  • Core skills
  • Your photograph
  • List of major clients
  1. Blog

Having a blog on your website is always a good idea. Communicate the reader better via blogs. Blog about your area of knowledge, use relevant keywords that can also bring your website’s rank up in search results, which will help employers find you easily on Google. Also, a well-ranked website impresses everybody.

  1. Customize

If you chose a fully fleshed template for your portfolio site, it will turn off a lot of clients. Customize it so it suits your style and reflects your creativity. Visitors will be impressed how your creativity blended the design and visit-friendliness.

  1. Never Lose a Professional Touch

Even if you are an amateur, your website shouldn’t be amateurish. Once it is out there on Google, it will be there to bridge the distance between you and the client. So, design the bridge so the client would love to cross that. Be a strict client for yourself and have the perfect portfolio site for yourself.

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