These Brands Are Identifiable At First Glance

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The name of a brand is often associated with certain visual or written signs. The strongest brands are then generally identifiable at first glance to consumers. Whether it’s a logo, a slogan or an advertisement, symbols are used to recognize them automatically. What then are the most easily identifiable marks? –


The McDonald’s brand is behind a small chain of restaurants selling hamburgers, created in 1940 by the McDonald brothers. In 1952, Ray Kroc, a businessman bought the chain and will make it the largest fast food chain in the world. The brand of fast food is now world famous.

The strength of the company is to have

many strong symbols that make it easily identifiable. The brand is not only recognizable at first glance thanks to its shape M logo and its slogan ”I’m lovin it but also thanks to the products themselves. His image is so strong that the company was able to make an advertising campaign presenting only close-up photos and drawings of its products without any other indication.

Coca Cola

The American brand Coca-Cola has a worldwide reputation. The manufacturer sells soda daily over 1.5 billion beverages worldwide. Originally a chemist who created the first drink of the brand, at the time called the “French Wine Coca”, the drink is then sold in its own pharmacy. Coca-Cola actually born in 1885 from the association of Pemberton to Frank Robinson, when the city of Atlanta banned alcohol. Today, consumers in every corner of the globe, rapidly identify Coke using visual signs such as the association of red and white, the font used by the brand or the shape of the bottle glass. These symbols have strongly influenced American culture and are signs used in decoration.


The German brand, Adidas was founded in 1944 by Adolf Dassler. Originally manager with his brother a company producing shoes, the two men decided to separate after World War II. Adolf Dassler decided to create his own company and offers the first sports shoe Adidas, the brand name from the first syllables of his name. When his brother he founded the competing brand: Puma.

Adidas is now specialized in equipment and sporting goods. This is the first European manufacturer of products for sport. The brand can identify in one glance with three parallel stripes acting logo. This symbol is so strong that the brand is sometimes nicknamed the “three stripes”. The logo is present on advertising campaigns, but also on all the brand’s products. Get your own Professional Custom Logo Design today and introduce your business as a brand.


The Evian brand is a French mineral water brand owned by Danone. The water comes from a source located in Evian-les-Bains, in Haute-Savoie. Water, known for its healing properties since 1790, is first sold in pharmacies. It is in 1964 that the brand is widely distributed. Today, Evian water is the most sold in France, the brand is quickly identified by consumers thanks to its famous advertising campaigns featuring key characters as babies. In its advertising campaigns, the brand does not appear immediately and yet one immediately recognizes the Evian brand, from the first seconds.

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