The Indian Big Data Market is All Set for a Full Bloom

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For more than a decade India has been recognized as an IT hub and a pool of technological talent for Western nations to pick from. In the recent year’s movements like Digital India and Make in India have opened a great many opportunities in domestic industries for the Indian employee. These opportunities are on a rise with the advent of big data analytics. And the current Indian government has taken the matter seriously.

The Indian union minister for electronics and information technology, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad has recently encouraged the use of AI and machine to machine communication in various fields like healthcare, finance, and e-commerce. When the government supports such endeavors it becomes really easy for the enterprises to use these technologies to full effect.

The ever-enlarging market

The data analytics market depends on two things – 1. The availability of data; 2. A widely spread consumer base.

40 million new users start using online services in India every year. India already has the second highest number of smartphone users, and e-commerce in India is reaching beyond the urban milieu. So, we can say that India is growing in terms of data creation as well as the consumer base. This is the perfect time to capitalize on the situation. It is also the best time for big data training institutes to play their role in making India self-sufficient in terms of analytical talent.

Global conglomerates are looking at India through a crosshair  

In Google’s flagship conference – Google for India, the search engine giant has announced a list of policies which clearly show that Google is all set to target the huge audience of India which is yet untapped. India does not consist of the English educated city dwellers alone – the rural population is as important a part of the Indian economy and Google is targeting that part by introducing services in Indian languages other than English. Machine learning is going to be used to find suitable results from the Hindi archives and that is why Google has offered to help regional language publishers to get their publications online.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google has urged the Indian government to allow cross-border data flow which has been restricted in the Personal Data Protection Act of 2018.

The point is that India has been marked as a gold mine for data-drove revenue generation, so, it is better for the Indian youth to get ready to grab the opportunities to come.

How to make most of the situation

India will need data analysts, data engineers and business analysts in large numbers in the future years. The number of data professionals currently working in the field is quite insufficient. You may want to find your way to a big data training institute as soon as possible. These institutes engage in intrinsic, data-driven analysis of the market to find out the most relevant skills and offer training in the same. Get yourself ready to grab a spot or someone else will.

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