The Souvenir of Call Center Outsourcing Services

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Have you ever thought of the biggest gift that the business world is blessed in the last 3 or more decades? I will be stumped if you won’t say outsourcing. Truly, the tactics of outsourcing have reshaped the business world comprehensively. Outsourcing, the method to handover the business tasks to a proficient service provider overseas has not been thought of overnight. The seed of this strategy was sowed way back in the industrial revolution when the middle class was born.

However, the true implementation of outsourcing was witnessed in the mid-70s when western companies began to delegate their extraneous business functions like manufacturing, back-office operations, etc to the vendors located in nations like China, India, etc, where the labor cost was extremely low.

Outsourcing, initially, was only a cost-saving method, which later turned into a business strategy (in the early 90s). The businesses across America and Europe are the ones that benefitted most from this. With call centers coming into action (in the late 90s), organizations in the USA, UK, etc started delegating their support tasks. This brought a major shift in the way customers used to perceive brands.

With customers now reaching out to brands, the entire inclination that was previously on the product creation is now shifted to the service experience. This resulted in the emergence of thousands of call centers across nations like India, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. These specialized vendors with a massive workforce started providing ace-level customer service to the companies of all sizes.

With a versatile portfolio that consists of both inbound and outbound services, call centers became the mainstream vendors for the businesses. Company owners understood that if they want to achieve operational excellence without spending humungous amount, call center outsourcing services are the viable way out.

The spectacle of the call centers encouraged not just the big firms but also the small and medium organizations to hire outsourcing vendors across the sea. India became the leader of the call center industry by holding 66% of the total call centers that exist in the world. Big firms like Barclays, Amazon, Microsoft, etc have their call centers in India, displaying how much American corporates trust the Indian call centers. Philippines, another impeccable call center sector nation, holds thousands of vendors.

Call centers in these nations are known for providing cost-effective and first-string service experience to the customers. Some other advantages of call centers are:

  • They let the business owners converge their focus on the core tasks, which elevates the overall performance of a company.
  • For businesses that have a seasonal requirement for call center services, there is no need to hire a full-time team. Call centers offer flexible solutions to businesses that completely erase the scalability issue.
  • 24-hour assistance.
  • Low overhead expense
  • Access to a competent team of agents.

Above all, these call centers render a first-string experience to the customers that becomes extremely arduous to offer from an on-premise facility.

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