SEO Trends To Keep A Watch On In 2017

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So, we have already stepped in the new year 2017 with a boost in opportunities and promises to catch up with the changing world of SEO. Playing a game of search engine optimization is not a child’s play. It is all about staying one step ahead of your industry’s competitors.

According to those variations, adjust your content’s and SEO strategy’s level way before your competitors get a chance to act on. Coping up with this ever-changing SEO industry is a tough nut to crack yet achievable.

So, in 2017, we can expect the landscape of search engine optimization more shaky and dynamic as it has been, actually even more! The evolutions in trends in the new year will be more interesting. Here are some trends that will dominate the arena:

  • AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages Growth

Basically, AMPs are an open-source protocol which has the ability to create web pages that can easily be loaded, almost promptly, on mobile phones. It may seem like a tough nut to crack but it’s not. With just a handful of structural amendments, a webmaster can create web pages that load four times faster with using eight times lesser data.

Even Google has joined hands with evolution and started giving preference to websites that are mobile-friendly, accentuating them with a small lightning bolt icon on top. Therefore, in 2017, more companies and brands will start leveraging this development.

  • Rise of Dense Content

Reading same old unworthy content using different words often makes the audience feel bored and sick. In earlier days, content writing used to emphasize on creating as much bite-sized content as possible but in the past few years, whole focus has been shifted to creating long pieces that cover the complete topic.

Lately, the market has been flooded with both kinds of content. So, it is being predicted that the trend will ignore length completely and focus on including more information in smallest space (dense content).

  • Possibility of Algorithm Machine Learning

Google RankBrain, a Google Hummingbird’s extension has opened the gates for the leeway of algorithm machine learning. Released in late last year, this extension is capable of learning the way user’s express their conversational queries – and accordingly, updates the algorithm automatically.

Since then, no other update like that has been seen but in the new year, it has been predicted that Google may release some new updates of machine learning in different areas like marketing automation and data interpretation.

  • Increase in Love for Apps

From the past few years, apps are getting immense love from everywhere. A vigorous hike has been seen in the SEO options which are available for mobile apps. From the basics of deep linking content to the apps and app indexing, we’ve seen an evolution of app streaming i.e. users can stream app content without even downloading the app.


Well, it is quite impossible to figure out what Google and other search engines have in stores for us but the above-listed advancements are strongly predicted and will develop in some or the other meaningful way. So, hire a professional SEO company India to embrace these trends in the new year and leverage optimization.

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