How Self-Service In Payroll Software Boosts Productivity?

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Easy and powerful, self-service or employee self-service is what helps the employees in keeping a tab on their salary-related aspects and helps HR in making things transparent and easily accessible to the employees. Its primary function is to solve payroll related concerns of the employees and reduce the burden from the shoulders of HR.

It is so helpful that it results in the surge in productivity of not just HR but employees as well.

Some of you may assert. So, here’s how?

  • Transparency in the process solves half of the queries.
  • No time is wasted in emails or going to desks of HR or employee.
  • The accessibility to certain payroll related documents engages employees.
  • The employees experience higher satisfaction because of visibility and control.

You just need an ESS based HRMS software or payroll software to get all of this and much more. Keep reading the blog to have a better view of the benefits of an employee self-service portal.

The queries reduce significantly-

Less and less queries are raised when the employee’s use self-service. This gives the Human resource department the time to work on other things like employee engagement, management and acquisition.

The ESS asks the employees to fill their own personal and professional information and documents. This task doesn’t really need an HR and saves a lot of time of the HR as otherwise, he has to fill the information of every employee himself or keep the papers in a file safely. Moreover, they are also asked to do their attendance corrections and apply for leaves on their own through ESS. Payroll software processes the whole information itself. Imagine the amount of time an HR saves.

Improves focus on critical tasks-

Without ESS, a lot of manager intervention is required. ESS also saves the managers time that goes in updating the attendance or cross-checking it. Without it, there is often confusion in matters of leave as well. When a company is using ESS based payroll software, the manager can take a sigh of relief. He needs not to check the lost emails.

More efficient employees-

Self-service portal implementation helps the employee and HR get more productive and efficient. Automation and accessibility of data both of them together help in increasing the productivity. Without automation, to get clarity on anything and everything, the employees have to leave their work desks again and again to visit the HR room or waste time in sending emails.

Mostly, the questions are general, like payslip, form 16, and leave, attendance or salary related query. All of this is available on their dashboard, so there isn’t an issue.

Besides, the aforementioned points, self-service option in payroll software or HRMS software also helps in avoiding the delays. Moreover, tasks like the declaration of investments, reimbursement, expense, leave update etc. are also there. Mail intimations or notifications on the dashboard are also sent and received.  So, if you don’t have an ESS portal in the software you use, don’t think much and switch to one that has ESS.

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