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SAT or scholastic aptitude test are the three words which can put any student aspiring for international education, cringe in fear and stress. Well worry not, we shall here give an overview and reveal some tips of cracking SAT.

SAT test is something which can be submitted even by a sleepy head high school student on a yawning Saturday morning in just under four hours. The when is the need to be even tad a bit scared?

The students who wish to know the SAT test course fees, it is almost twenty six U.S. dollars which amount to almost seventeen hundred and forty seven rupees at the current exchange rate. But these rate and fees are subject to change and the student must get in touch with their nearest SAT test preparation centre who can give you useful tips on what to do and how to do.

Since this test is used to judge the basic numeric, analytical and language efficiencies of a student, SAT as an exam has three sections in it. The language, numeric and analytical one. Each section is divided in several questions. The markings are done on the basis of taking out an average. This means that first the raw total of each section would be calculated after which the mean scores would be calculate. Aspiring students must keep in mind that SAT as an exam carries the concept of negative marking as well.

For the language section of the scholastic aptitude test, student must be in love with the concept of reading. This is because this section judges the language capacity which the candidate has accumulated throughout his or her life. This section cannot be prepared just in a few days since the questions like complete the sentence, give the synonym etc. would mean that the test wants to adjudge the general language capabilities.

More over this test can act as a pressure cooker for a student if he or she is not prepared well for it. This is because all the questions amount to such planning on the part of the examiners who have designed the structure of the paper that each question needs to be solved within one minute. Hence, the student has to read, think, assimilate and answer the question all in one minute.

Besides this a student has to keep in mind that the mathematical section of the test might seem simple and quite straight forward at first but it is usually not so. SAT test is actually quite notorious for put up trick questions for the candidates. Therefore if there is a trigonometry question which is looking like a smooth sail, do not be tricked and solve it really carefully.

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