Reason To Rethink Your Internet Security

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With great power, comes great responsibilities, no, I haven’t invented this quote, but Spiderman does but it fits perfectly on our current situation where every business now days depend on the Internet. Want to boost your business? Use the Internet. Want to make a business plan? Use the Internet. Want to research your competitors? Use the Internet. Our everyday life, from a train ticket to Grocery shopping depends on the Internet. A website has become a lifeline and backbone of any business. And what happens when this lifeline is hacked by someone? What can you lose? Is there anyone who can provide you Hacked Site Support? This situation is not less than a horror movie for any business. According to a British Insurance Company Lloyd’s, businesses lose around $400 Billion dollar every year due to hacking.

The latest example of a big hack came in 2014 when personal information related to Sony Pictures employees and their families along with e-mails between employees and other confidential information got leaked by a hacker group “Guardian of Peace”. The hacker group then used a sophisticated variant of malware name ‘Shampoo Wiper’ to erase Sony’s computer infrastructure. It costs Sony $35 Million dollars in IT repairs. And a movie called “The Interview” as they had to release the movie on the Internet rather than on cinema.

Now you are aware how serious is a hack can let discuss how you can improve your website security and when to take the help of Hacked Website Support Service. Before we begin, first let’s start with a quick introduction and how the Internet came into existence:-

Internet, the powerhouse of information refers to a Global Communication System. It came into existence at the end of 1960 with the name ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) which allow several computers to communicate on a single network. And the revolution came after the 1970s when two scientist name Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn developed TCP/IP or Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. By 1990, a Computer Scientist Tim Berners-Lee created World Wide Web, and an era of Internet begins. By using the World Wide Web, one could access the information online in the form of websites and hyperlink. The World Wide Web helps to popularize Internet among the public and we depend on for various things.

What Can a Company Do to Improve its Internet Security: –

Regular Backup:-

It won’t help you save from any breach in Internet security but this is one of a very basic step a business should take to secure its network and data from hacking or any other security breach. By taking regular and frequent backup on a completely different network or system, you can ensure the safety of your data in the occurrence of a security breach. Instead of if possible; invest in real-time backups of your website.

Consult an Expert: –

Consult an expert in Cybersecurity for any vulnerability in the network. Even if you have someone who is employed by you to look for any security lapse, take a third party opinion. An expert is a great choice to go for if you are aiming to have some advancement            changes in the way security can affect you. You might not be aware of the things that can come in between your business security and make you feel at loss.

Add a Firewall: –

A Web Application Firewall for your website ensures the security by monitoring, filtering and blocking data packets. A firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing a private network.

Encrypt your Data: –

Encrypting your sensitive digital data to make sure in case of any security breach no can read it. Also, with the fear of Government watching each and everything about your business, the encryption of data eliminate the fear of a breach in your data. Only very few people with authentication should have access to data.

Delete Unnecessary Digitalize Confidential Information: –

Not a lot of businesses do this, but you can delete the unnecessary digitalize confidential and risky file and take a hard copy of it.

Frequent Password Change: –

In every Institution, this practice of changing the password frequently should be followed. This is essential when the complete business depends on the internet and the advancement in technological servers only. Also, make sure to use a complex password, every time one changes it.

Invest in Good Antivirus and Malware protection: –

Antivirus software scans a system for real-time protection. The file you open in a system which you received via mail or by using a pen drive can be infected with malware or virus. Make sure to buy only that Antivirus software, who invests in R&D of different type of viruses as almost every day, the definition of virus is changing.

Educate Your Employee about Cybersecurity: –

Invest in educating your employees about Cybersecurity. There are a lot of cases where an employee clicked on a suspicious link, and then Malware, Ransom ware, infected the whole network.

Take the Help of Professionals: –

In case of any security breach happens, as earliest take the professional help of a Hacked Website Support Service. They will ensure that your website gets up as earliest and will remove any breach of security by removing the malware from your network. Also, never try to negotiate with hackers for ransom, as even after paying the ransom, no one can give you an assurance that you will get your data back or they will not infect your system again.

Now we have discussed, what should be done to improve the security of a website, now let’s discuss the Mistakes that can cause a website hack: –

Third Party Access: –

Avoid downloading low-quality, third-party plugins or widget while using an open source website creation tool. Although, plugin developers provide a regular update on a regular basis. In case a developer gave up on the project and you are still using that plugin, a hacker can exploit this and will definitely try to breach your security.

Responding to Phishing E-mail: –

Phishing emails exist in cyberspace since the popularity of the Internet started to grow. Phishing emails have only one target, to loot your hard earned money by any mean. Sometimes a hacker tries to create an email that looks legitimate and take you to a link of a false website. As soon as you enter your login credentials, they get all the things they need to access your account.

Lack of Web Security: –

Having a proper Web security system is like having insurance for your business. Few companies do not take the security of their website seriously and don’t invest much in it until a serious threat occurred. If you have an outdated security system in place, you can soon expect a hacker breaching it very easily and demanding a ransom for the same. As mentioned above, invest in a good Antivirus and Firewall.

Not Taking Data Backup Frequently: –

By not taking backups of your data, you are endangering your position in case any security breach happens. Hundreds of companies go bankrupt as they are unable to survive the damage. Unable to pay the ransom or even after paying it, they had to close down. Ensure and enforce the same in your company to take the backup of your data frequently. This is one practice, which an organization should follow very strictly.

The data security of your business is in your hands, every day a new type of virus, malware or ransom ware is being generated by a new generation of hackers. As the technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and data-centric, so does Viruses. Take the necessary steps before a security breach happens to your website. Hope the article helps you how can you protect your website from Internet Security threats.

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