Proven Instagram Growth Hacks Designed For Smaller Businesses

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For that fantastic branding option, you might have to head towards Instagram, mostly for the small businesses. But, growing an engaged and larger following might take a bit of extra time and can be quite a time consuming, to say the least. Therefore, some of the promising tips might help in building the smaller businesses’ IG account and procure a profitable and larger following in a quick and effective manner. So, without wasting any more time, it is time to check out those growth hacks under the Instagram belt, for the smaller businesses out there.

  • Posting some amazing content for the audience:

Everything online will start with an amazingly interesting content. Instagram is known to have over 800 million users. So, you need to find a proven way to get an account to stand just out from the crowd. Your created content needs to be not just amazing in design but great for your lovely audience. Adding some amazing pictures which your audience won’t care for won’t get you any kind of following or the right kind of engagement you have asked for or seeking.

An example might clear your thoughts a bit more. You are cordially invited to check out the IG page of Foundry Magazine. It grew the Instagram account to around 10,000 followers within a span of 2 weeks, which is super fast! For that growth, it posted some inspirational and motivational quotes gearing towards a right audience of aspiring entrepreneurs. You can try something a bit similar like this one by taking some time out of your busy schedule for research.

You need to know the right kind of content for your IG account based on the audience. After that, search account with the similar group of audience and see what form of content will be working for your business as well. Later, you can try creating some similar ones for your account.

  • Now, it is about the power of hashtags:

Even though hashtags might seem a bit annoying and trivial, they are major parts of the IG ecosystem. Hashtags are often used for exposing account to so many users, who might not found out anything about your business otherwise. You can often use a Website for finding some of the hashtags, quite relevant to your current industry. Once found, you can try using them on all available posts. The maximum hashtags number allowed per post is 30, which is enough to grow your firm.

Some of the power users will often max out the hash tags numbers they are using. On an average scale, the most popular ones are using around 11 hashtags per image. You have to perform your set of homework and load those hashtags to grow your business account in Instagram. Want some help with hashtags finding? Ask experts from Gramblast for some help.

  • Get to steal some followers:

To help to grow Instagram for smaller businesses in a fast manner, you have to work your way out in stealing followers from competitors. It is a great strategy as you always don’t have to guess about interest in content as they are already in the way to follow similar accounts. To get the most out of your efforts, you can employ a “Like, with Comment and Follow” strategy.

Without just following users or liking their posts, you can easily follow one user, like any one of the pictures and leave a comment on the different or same image. Recent studies have indicated that a business owner will achieve a follow back rate of around 34% while using the mentioned strategy for audience engagement.

  • You need to post often and continuously:

You have no other shortcut to this notion. You have to post on a continuous level to grow the Instagram following on your business page in a quick manner. There are some social media analytics tools available in the market, which has already analyzed more than 5000 IG profiles in 2015. They have found out that profiles with most followers posted 2 to 3 times on a daily basis. An average form of Instagram users was not slouched in the posting department too. The average account will post at least a single image on a daily basis.

  • You need to focus on the stronger call to action:

Each posted image needs to have a stronger call to action. Sometimes, attracting users to do what you want is as simple as asking them to click on your link and do it. Popular forms of CTA on Instagram for the smaller businesses are asking fans to tap twice if they like a post or tag friend in the comment section. You even have the right to further direct fans to just sign up for any purchase of email listing of the product. Adding a CTA is more like a gentle reminder to fans that you have to do a lot more than just checking out your pictures or videos on Instagram. This point can work great to increase the engagement level while gaining some more eyeballs to posts.

  • Be sure to run contests from time to time:

Contests are perfect channels to increase engagement on IG. A well-run contest can result in so many new followers will a little bit of effort on your side. There are so many types of contests you can easily run on IG. However, no matter whatever type you have chosen for your business, the entry price needs to be a perfect combination of liking post, following you, tagging any friend or some other kinds of actions, which will expose account to a wider audience. It can further be used for increasing the engagement value well.

You have to pay for the IG shout outs:

Once you re thoroughly associated with the points mentioned above IG will work pretty well for all smaller businesses in their growth results. Lastly, you can try involving your business with Instagram shout-outs, which will involve user mentioning account to one of their posts through image or caption. These shout-outs are the quickest way to grow the following base and it’s a proven delight.

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