Procedure to Start Mobile Recharge Portal and Business in India

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There are many start-up businesses of mobile recharge in India. Each of them is struggling hard to get to a new and better level. Be it Paytm or Mobiwik each one of it dream of reaching new heights. It basically focuses on DTH, Mobile and other such recharge services. But before starting this business there are many things that has to be settled down first. There are many legal and technical things involved in it. This write up consists of some of the ultimate steps that would guide you with all the essential techniques involved in it. Online recharge portal is not as easy as it seems.


Get registered:

The first step involved in starting a mobile recharge portal is that you will need to go through the legal entity which would help proceeding with the legal procedure. Most of such sites are registered under Private Limited Companies, but while you plan to give a start up you will be having lots of options. You can test your plan and ideas by launching them in the market. Online recharge services are much essential in this rapid world.

There are five kinds of legal entities:

  • Sole Proprietorship- It tends to be the best for you when you have a very low budget and just you are doing this to test your ideas. But the basic point to remember is that its liability is unlimited.
  • Partnership- Here also your liability is quite limited and it turns out to be the best when you have a partner for your business to start.
  • Private Ltd. Company- It is considered as the best one as it has limited liabilities as in the business of recharge there are lots of risk because of the failure of recharge at times. There are many companies which raise funds for angel investors; it is only possible in case of Private Ltd. Company.

Preparation of legal documents:

For setting up an online recharge portal you will need to prepare the legal documentation in regards with website terms, how to use it and their refund policies. This is very important as people are very conscious about it as it is risky at times. Such legal documentation will help settling down such major disputes. Once you are done with arranging such legal documents it becomes very easy and convenient to run the business successfully. You can also hire a professional lawyer to settle down the problem related to your documents. Legal documentation is a must to start a single sim multi recharge portal.

Single sim all recharge is one of the finest ways to recharge your phone. This involves no complications. Single sim multi recharge is one of the most convenient ways to get your phone recharged. Through this you could avoid the unnecessary hassle.

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