Prefer CDN Wiki To Know About CDN And Its Working

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The cdn wiki is an excellent guide that helps website owners who are searching for the best solution to accelerate their website content. JoDiHost CDN is the most comprehensive worldwide content delivery platform brings you all possible solutions for the acceleration of web content. The most interesting fact about this platform is that it brings you CDN services regardless of your location.  The team delivers the content from their fastest POP network, so all the end users will surely spend lots of time on your website. The CDN services not only bring you certain conveniences, but it also brings you quick web sites loading, solid and more efficient transactions and excellent video streaming. JoDiHost CDN supports different types of high-quality streaming services, including Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, and Windows Media. These are most interesting features and highlighting features of this CDN platform that will now draw the attention of many website owners towards and encourage them to use it immediately. It is helpful to gather sufficient details regarding the CDN services and its key features.

Highlighting features

These are most significant details that bring you an excellent opportunity to use the CND platform correctly and receive desired positive results soon. The cdn wiki allows you to learn the highlighting features of CDN network that includes:

  • Huge object download option: An optimum of offering delivery of games, software, podcasts, videos and some other downloads
  • Website acceleration: Reducing of the page load instant for your entire website
  • On-demand video streaming
  • Live video streaming
  • Advanced reporting: More than sixty reports for enhancing and optimizing website performance
  • CNAME support: it can mask the URL of JoDiHost CDN with a fully customized URL
  • Security: The token-based and SSL delivery authentication and other significant security features which are essential for your business
  • Reporting: Completely detailed analytics and reporting suite in an industry-view bandwidth use, download breakdowns by media type, file type, popularity and geography
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Working of JoDi CDN

The reliable guide not only offers you features of JoDi CDN, but it also lets you know its function. For reducing the overall distance between the server of your website and visitors, CDN stores the content’s cached version in several geographical locations. Every PoP consists of many caching servers liability for the content delivery process to many visitors within the proximity. Apart from that, it also places your web content in various places at a time and offering excellent coverage the users.  The CDN works by this way and brings lots of benefits to the web site owners. It is useful to check the advanced features and pricing of CDN services before choosing any one.   The cost of CDN services is based on the traffic volume, billing type, and other aspects. The reliable platform does include any big upfront usage commitments or monthly contracts. Instead, it let you pay only for what you actually use. Moreover, CDN works in different areas of a site including:

  • Reporting
  • Content delivery
  • Content security
  • Storage
  • Performance

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