An Overview of Data Center Services

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Business owners contemplate having a data center of their own but there are many factors to be considered that makes it an improbability for many. Building one’s own data center is a lengthy time taking process and an expensive one too for majority of businesses. They look for the best solutions to manage their IT infrastructure. Data center services from the hosting providers solve most of the issues for the businesses. The data centers are well furnished and have a huge space providing a credible and highly secured environment for the organizations that allows them with ample opportunities to further promote their core business.

Data Center

Functions of a service providers:

The data center services providers have their team of well experienced administrators and technical manpower that ensure that the clients do not face any major downtime issues and have a safe and secure data storage facility. The providers are bound by the SLAs where they have to comply with provisions like maximum of 134 minutes of average recovery time for outage and uptime availability of 99%. Their functions include:

  • Maintaining the plant in compliance with norms laid down by concerned governing agencies
  • Providing highly secured and sturdy floor space
  • High speed network connections from different providers
  • Latest and redundant infrastructure from reputed brands
  • Power backup to ensure no disruption of services
  • Firewalls to control unwanted intruders and protection against malware and spyware
  • Installation, maintenance and managing the server hardware and software
  • Data backup, recovery, storing and archiving
  • To ensure maximum uptime and business continuity
  • Armed security crew to prevent unauthorized entry at the plant
  • Round the clock customer support


Facilities available at the data centers:

Data security:

Security of the data is one major fear that lurks in the minds of every business owner. Data is the lifeline of their business. Loss of data whatever the reason can stop the functioning of the website and bring everything to a grinding halt. They will have to start all over again. The data center services host provides the highest high level of security against theft, burglary and infrastructure corruption. They constantly monitor the plant with CCTV cameras to prevent entry of thieves and burglars and safeguard the expensive equipment that is maintained in the data center. The authorized personnel are allowed entry with biometric card authentication. They have armed guards manning the plant round the clock and the building is cordoned off with razor wires and wire fencing.

Power and power backup systems:

The computers, servers, routers and other accessories can run only when they get a steady supply of power. The website cannot perform continuously if the there is no power and that is not good for any business. The data center services provider equips the data center with ample power backup solutions in the form of generators and UPS systems. The servers are automatically connected to the backup systems at times of power outage.

Cooling Systems:

The data centers are also equipped with cooling systems like chilled water units, air distribution and heat removal units and air conditioners. This is to prevent the servers and accessories from burning out as they are continuously running.

Network Connectivity:

Two requirements that are crucial for businesses is high speed connectivity with minimum latency. The host as part of the data center services extend multiple carrier connections. They negotiate with the operators and get the best deals with the fastest connections to ensure that their clients get an upper edge over their competition with high speed network availability.


Adhering to the safety norms as prescribed by the authorities, the data center services host maintains firefighting equipment and other devices for the safety of the building and the infrastructure. The equipment includes alarm systems, water leakage detection apparatus smoke detection devices. They have the trained crew available to prevent any untoward incidents from taking place.

Data center services providers are looking to the various options available to them to conserve energy. These plants are continuous consume energy to keep the businesses operate without any hindrances. The providers are looking at possibilities to eliminate the CO2 that is harmful for the environment. They use energy efficient appliances and use the renewable energy resources to the maximum. The clients can be assured of the latest branded equipment that offer highest performance.

Nil Investment by the client:

Data center services host makes all the investment on the infrastructure and equipment that is maintained at the plant. The maintenance of the equipment and the diesel and other requirements too are purchased by the host. The power consumed at the data center and the remuneration paid to the personnel including security, administration and technical staff are all paid by the host. The clients just have to pay for the services they choose as per the plans offered by the host.

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