Online guide on how to use the TV App on iPhone or Apple TV

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Currently the “Single Sign On” feature is probably one of the most exciting and useful apps for Apple TV and iPhone handsets. This app offers a lot of useful features and it even has a section that recommends to the user movies or TV shows basing this on the user’s viewing history.

In order to have access and enjoy the full advantages of this TV app, we have prepared special online guide to help you with. Our tutorial has covered all aspects, starting from info on how to remove any part of the viewing history, to how to search for compatible apps.15966717_432350103763548_1284497360_o

Let’s get started!!!

Useful advices on how to use the TV app on iPhone or Apple TV

Before we start, please read this:

The latest version of the TV App has officially replaced the previous videos App in the US, in the iOS 10.2 version or newer.

Basically, this means that in case you have videos stored in the videos App, they will now be transferred into the TV App.

If you got to the “Up Next” section, you will be shown all the content you have previously watched on your Apple TV running on tvOS 10.2 or from iPad or iPhone running on iOS 10.1 or newer.

 If you use the same Apple ID for all of your iDevices to sign in, then the “Up Next” feature will show you the content from all of your iDevices.

In case you have used the TV Apps on iPhone and Apple TV on several iDevices at once, which use the same apple ID, any changes made to the settings, will be applied to all the devices.

There are four tabs available at this moment:

  1. Search Tab—this feature enables the user to search up for specific movies or TV shows by simply entering the name of the flick or the cast. In addition, you can look up for the latest trending content as well. If you use Siri you can also add up your favorite content in “Up Next” (as an addition to this, you can also add content to “Up Next” from the products page.)
  2. Library- This feature keeps data of all the movies or TV shows you have previously purchased
  3. Watch Now—This feature has two sections- 1st section which is the Up Next features shows you all the available TV Shows and Movies, while the 2nd feature gives suggestions for all the new content that is released from Apple
  4. Store Tab– This feature enables the user to install or search for apps that are compatible with the TV App. As a bonus you can search for the latest movies or shows.

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