Which One Will You Choose – Codeigniter Or CakePHP

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The web development industry is growing rapidly. More and more organizations are investing in this industry to have a website that not only possesses an appealing look but also, is packed with robust features and offers high performance. The market is flooded with multiple platforms to build full-fledged applications or websites. However, if you decide to go with PHP frameworks then, we do have two of the most widely used PHP platforms- Codeigniter and CakePHP. There are more PHP frameworks but, there are certain things that make them both special. The CodeIgniter development and CakePHP development offers different advantages to the businesses. They both possess their own specialties, features, functionalities, and usages. They both are quite similar. But also, do possess differences. And, if you want to select one of them then, this write-up can help you measure which one is the best suited for your development needs.

What is Codeignitor

Written in PHP, the CodeIgniter is a lightweight framework, offering small footprint along with a simple & elegant toolkit that help developers in building feature-rich web applications. It consists of libraries along with a clean and simple interface and logical structure for accessing the plug-ins, libraries, helpers and some other resources that are capable of solving the complex functions of PHP more easily maintaining a good speed. It brings out a completely interactive and dynamic website by simplifying the PHP codes.

What is CakePHP

Based on an MVC-like architecture, CakePHP is an open-source web framework. It offers rapid development with the foundational structure for developing web applications. Developers can utilize its potentials for building web applications with much simplicity and speed while requiring less code. It renders a database access layer along with a powerful scaffolding system, which is capable of developing both small and complex systems not only simpler and easier but also delightful.

Why Compare?

These both platforms are quite similar in their approach to multiple things such as support for PHP4. apart from this, both of them make attempts for creating an MVC architecture that means they keep the data (Model) separate from the controller (that pulls data from the model to provide it to view) and from view (that user sees). There are so other similarities but, we’re here to describe the differences so that you can decide with which platform you want to go ahead.

What Are The Differences Between CodeIgniter and CakePHP


  • Where the CodeIgniter is considered as best in terms of its approach to simplicity, the CakePHP is known for simplifying the coding and making it quicker.
  • Nothing is hidden in Codeignitor but for CakePHP, the developer has to go into the depth to understand how things work.


  • This feature works differently for both of these platforms. In CakePHP, this feature allows developers to define the way objects are connected to each other and to develop or break the links.
  • Where in Codeignitor, this feature yields the quickest way for adding, removing or modifying the data from the database during Codeigniter web application development.


  • With CodeIgniter, no basic ingredients required for producing the code lies as it will not be having any code generation from the console.
  • However, CakePHP is endued with Bake console, making the development of the MVC (models-views-controllers) easier. It enables the creation of full-fledged app within a short span of time.


  • The CakePHP possess a default layout that eases the implementation of header, footer, and sidebar.
  • However, Codeignitor has to develop view or layout with a direct approach, appearing like an application was created from the scratch.


  • The Codeignitor possess a defined set of rules that is allocated to the validation objects, validating every data passes in the shape of URL or web.
  • In CakePHP, the single test for each and every field’s variable is first validated and then declared. It’s good for simple application, however, for complex stuff it becomes clumsy.


So, these were few of the differences between both of the frameworks. Now, it’s depended on you which one will you choose. They both are popular and two of the most widely used PHP frameworks. They have their own advantages. You just have to keep your business requirements in mind while comparing these both. On the basis of your business needs, choose one of them and once you’re done with it, hire Codeigniter developer for full-time/part-time as per your desire. You may also hire an organization that provides codeigniter development services along with a robust support.

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