Why You Need to Prioritize Mobile App Development This Year

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Summary:  With more and more people spending hours in transit looking the entire time at their mobile screens, it is pretty obvious to invest in mobile app development to boost the business.


In a world full of trends it is necessary for developers to keep up with the trends in the tech world and adapt to newer skills as needed. While some trends die a quiet death, others are so significant that they can transform our world. The competitive nature of tech is the pull of the the industry, but it also means that things are in constant state of change.

With every innovative idea that is implemented, demand shifts remarkably — for both  users and clients.

As a developer, you need to decide where to focus your energy energy — since you will want to focus updating your skills depending on what trend or trends are getting the most speed in the market And. if there is any trend you should be keeping an eye on, it’s the mobile app development in Boise, Idaho, and for all right reasons.

Given the remarkable shift in digital experience, more and more business owners now want to have a mobile-friendly website to reach a broad audience.

As of 2018, mobile commerce represents more than 31pc of total sales, in comparison to 10pc of sales in 2012, as indicated by information accumulated by Big Commerce. That alone should show the impact of the mind-blowing growth of mobile commerce.

Not only that, but the rates of mobile conversion have also increased by a large margin. With the arrival of one-page checkouts and digital modes of transaction — such as the likes of Apple Pay, Stripe Checkout, Paypal One Touch, Amazon Pay, and more — the conversion rate skipped up to 10pc.

In addition to this, mobile app interfaces are improving as the coding practices are changing to meet the unique demands of the software. This means that mobile commerce is on the cusp of becoming the go-to habit for shoppers.

While it would be wrong to assume that desktop has descended into a state of devolution- ultimately, it still goes past mobile’s conversion rate – there have been few key aspects indicating that commerce is making the transition.


With 51% of web viewing occurring in mobile, it is evident  business owners should invest in mobile app development. The reason? Consumers can easily carry mobiles with them everywhere!

With so many people hooked to mobile interfaces all time, keeping an eye on latest development in various part of the world, it would be foolish to not look for mobile application developers, such as the ones right here in Boise, to build your app.

Customers want to find what they need, fast and based on their location. Take the Uber app, for example. The company is offering customer service, based on location and need. Turning on the location, you can easily catch an Uber or a Lyft to reach your destination without waiting too long for a cab. From hotel booking to grocery, you will be able to do anything from anywhere with just a single click on your tiny hand-held set.

With the arrival of push notifications, it has become even easier for business to engage with their customers through the of sending critical information or marketing offers directly to their devices. Before this, the most effective method of pushing notification to the customers was via email. While email may still remain an effective medium, push notification turns out an even more powerful medium of communicating and engaging with the customers.


Personalization is king on mobile. The best part of mobile commerce is once authenticated, the users do need to log in again. Unlike websites, where you can only keep the user tuned for a limited period either because of online legal regulations or because a user will clear their cache, mobile is exactly the opposite with no such issue discarding your connection with that customer. Until or unless they uninstall the app, there is little chance you will lose contact with that user. This allows you to show him or her personalized deals and recommendations. You can quickly take the user to your homepage or any other page that will convert them.

Getting true unbiased opinions is not just hard but at times a matter of luck. Any business that is focused on customer needs will have strategies for engaging users and get their honest opinion. In the website, it is way difficult to achieve as it is typically done through a pop-up which users almost always dismiss without reading. On an app, it is different altogether when it comes to feedback. It compels the users to leave a comment if they don’t like certain product or service.

These are obvious reasons you need to prioritize mobile app development Boise this year.

Author Bio: Alena Brown is a passionate writer and a regular blogger with years of experience in writing on various projects. In her article she talks about the importance of mobile application developer Boise this year.

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