All That You Need To Know About 9Apps Install

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The internet is filled with all sorts of things. There is very useful information, but there are also things which are malicious. Viruses are everywhere on the internet and will not take much time entering into your computer if you are not sufficiently alert. But then, a new platform called 9Apps.install has come up since 2015 which offers to download content like wallpapers, apps, etc., directly to the phone without needing the Appstore. There will be certain obvious questions which we try to answer in this article. Read on.

What is 9Apps.install?

9Apps is basically an app which offers to download all the content that you may need to download on your mobile like videos, images, wallpapers, apps, etc., without the help of Playstore or Appstore. You may also get access to some old and abandoned games that are no longer available on the Appstore.

Actually, 9Apps.install is the installation file that you download from the official website of 9Apps. It is from this file that you can install 9Apps on your mobile phone.

Where do I get to download 9Apps.install?

9Apps.install is not available on Play store. But it is available on other software platforms like Softonic, up to down, etc. There are also many other non-authenticate websites that offer 9Apps for download.

Always make sure that you download 9Apps.install from the official 9Apps website and not from any other platform. If the original website is down for some reason, you can wait till the website is restored or download it from trusted sources only.

A tested alternative to 9Apps.install

Here is a tested and trusted alternative to install 9Apps on your smartphone. You can download UC Browser and look for apps on its menu. You can easily find 9Apps on its app recommendations. This, according to most people, is a safe alternative to downloading 9Apps from the website.

Features of 9Apps

Here are a few features of 9Apps which make it one of the unique apps in the market.

  • Direct download of multimedia content to your mobile is available. This means there will be no more hassles while downloading videos, wallpapers, WhatsApp statuses, etc.
  • Access to apps – 9Apps offers access to many apps that are available in the mainstream app market, but also to those which are outdated or removed by Google.

Is it Safe?

9Apps.installer, when downloaded and installed from the official website, is extremely safe to install and it does not come with a virus. But beware of the malicious websites that mimic the original website and offer downloads. They might club the installation of 9Apps along with their malicious programs.

How do I make out the original from the duplicate 9Apps.install?

It is extremely important that the users be aware of the icons of the apps to spot out duplicates and install only the authentic ones. The 9Apps logo is a 9 In a pinkish-red square. Also, you may find that the English used on the website is not up to the mark. Plus, when you come across a user-license agreement, you may spot some irregular and irrelevant permissions sought. Be careful about this.

How do I Prevent Infections from the fake 9Apps.install?

Always avoid downloading and installing the app from third party sources. Download the original app from its original website.

So, there were a few tips that you have to be aware of before installing 9Apps because if you are not aware, you may get fooled easily.

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