What Makes SEO The Lifeline Of E-Commerce Marketing

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E-commerce selling is all about fetching traffic for an online store and converting the maximum number of visitors into buyers. Being visible online is essential for both these things to happen. Moreover, the huge competition they face makes the challenge of attaining visibility even more tough. For this reason, online businesses need to work on diverse strategies to enhance their visibility on the internet. Search engines are perhaps the most vital channel where they need to score a distinguished ranking to get the maximum number of users to click and access the e-commerce website.

Statistics have proved that 93% of online activities are initiated with a search and e-commerce shopping is no exception. In such a scenario, it becomes critical to optimize your website to reach the top of search rankings. This is all the more important for e-commerce businesses as their revenues totally depend on the number of people accessing the website and then closing the transaction. Search engine optimization thus becomes the need of every business, no matter what its size is or which domain it belongs to. Let us try and understand more about how SEO serves as the lifeline of e-commerce marketing.

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  1. SEO helps potential customers to find you

When you sell online, you will find that there are hundreds of competitors offering similar products and services online. You may be delivering better product quality and services to the consumers but still lag behind. The reason could be that you are not simply searchable on the internet. Online shoppers are an impatient lot that tends to buy from sellers who appear on the top of Google searches. The best way to enable the potential customer find you is to turn up right there, on the top. This is what search engine optimization does for your business. Ignoring SEO puts your business at the risk of not being visible on search results, which means that you get lesser traffic and there are fewer conversions for the business.

  1. It serves as the most cost-effective online marketing strategy

Amongst the entire digital marketing strategies, SEO serves as the most cost-effective way of pulling in traffic for your business website. The fundamental of SEO involves in-depth analysis of the business, its customers and competitors. Unlike strategies like Pay Per Click and affiliate marketing, there is no need to pay money to advertise the e-commerce business and its products. With SEO, a plan is formulated on the basis of this analysis, which increases the chances of success in a cost effective manner. The key focus area is on driving organic search traffic by pushing the web store up on the search rankings. The merchant need not incur any expense in the name of cost per click, cost per conversion and cost per conversion. In this way, SEO becomes an effective way to attract massive quality traffic without paying anything directly. The only cost that is to be incurred is to hire an expert digital marketing team.

  1. The results of this strategy are long-lasting

Another reason that e-commerce businesses must invest in a sound SEO plan is that the results of this strategy are long lasting. The shelf life of these efforts is long as websites that once reach the top are likely to retain their rankings unless something drastically wrong takes place. The reason is that SEO consolidates itself over a period of time and need not be started afresh every time you take it on after a gap. On the other hand, traffic usually drops instantly once you stop paying in a PPC campaign. It is, however, recommended to carry on the SEO strategy on a consistent basis and do it the right way. To know more about the right strategies for building an optimal SEO plan for your e-commerce business, go through

  1. SEO also improves the overall shopping experience 

Not only does SEO focus on improving the website’s search rankings, but it also enhances the overall shopping experience. Experts work on aspects like the loading speed and performance of the site for securing higher rankings. Similarly, they make the stores responsive as stores that are mobile-friendly are given higher search rankings according to Google’s news search algorithm. Even if these efforts are made for some other purpose, they directly impact the user experience and bring in more business for the e-commerce business.

Seeing the extensive benefits that SEO brings for e-commerce business, it becomes imperative for merchants to adopt it as a part of their online marketing plan. The only thing to ensure is to join hands with experts who can bring definitive results by following the best practices and approach.

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