Major Factor an SEO Auditor Must Cater During Audit

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Major Factor an SEO Auditor

Despite all SEO factors are crucially important to get your website optimized, every aspect has its own worth and value to help your website ranked up. So we cannot say that we can neglect some certain factors and get focused on obvious factors.

According to research and experiments, I have found some basic factors that have the most critical effects on web optimization. I have found that most of the website forgo these factors and lost the chance to rank on the 1st page of Google Search Results.

And those basic factors that should be noticed importantly in SEO audit are as follows:

1. Keyword Selection: a Major factor that grabs traffic to your website. The traditional way to find keywords are searched for the keywords that have low difficulty and moderate search volume.
But I do keyword research bit differently I try to find queries related keywords because these keywords have high conversion rate, even search volume is very low to these keywords but the one who is searching for a query is obviously searching for a solution so it is easy to target and convert such users.

2. URL – Slug: According to my search and experiment on different Blog’s URL slug, the most effective way to write a slug is to put only Primary Keyword. Do not make your Slug long tail only use Primary Keyword in it because URL has a great impact on overall SEO weight.
For example, if your Primary Keyword is “watch UFC 219” the best-preferred Slug will be

I have seen several websites who make the Slug long tail, For example, the same above URL could be written in this way
This URL is not wrong unless your primary keyword is “how to watch UFC 219”

I am just trying to say that use the only primary keyword in Slug do not combine it with supporting words.

3. The density of focused Keyword: Try to keep keyword density of primary keyword to maximum 2.2% of the overall word count. Second, if your keyword is of three words like “watch UFC 219” the other three words keywords density would be less than your primary keyword
Below is an example of 4 words keyword this is on the top of all 4 words keyword and has a density of 2.15%. I use SEO QUAKE tool to check the density of keywords.

4. Utilization of Primary Keyword:

Make sure your Primary keyword is used in following.

• Meta Description
• Meta Title
• H1
• In first 100 words of content and in the bottom of the content
• Alt text

5. Maintain the words Length of following factors:

• URL length: not exceed 60 characters
• Meta Title: not exceed 60 characters
• Meta Description: not exceed 160 characters
• H1: No limit but best practice is use only one H1 and must be placed at the top of the content which starts with the primary keyword

6. Use canonical tags to prevent duplication of content

Google doesn’t rank duplicate content and sometimes give penalties too. We intentionally don’t do that like for some reason we have to code similar content in different pages because they are related so to prevent from being duplicated use canonical tags so that Google can understand it.

7. Page load time: Try to make sure that load time of page must not exceed 3 seconds

8. Internal linking: Link different related pages to your page this practice can increase your page authority.

9. Broken Links:

I use the tool “Check my links” to identify all links are in working condition

10. Mobile Friendly Responsiveness:

Google has now given more importance to the content that is mobile friendly, by mobile-friendly means, the content is optimized on mobile devices screen. Google not just give importance but also rank those pages that are mobile friendly.

There are numerous SEO factors that an SEO auditor must check while doing on-page optimization, but as per my own personal experience I have observed drastic results while maintaining these factors, most of my pages are ranking on the first page of Google search results not just on 1st page but mostly are on top 3 results.

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