Live up to Your Business Commitments with Virtual Meeting Software

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Making commitments and keeping them properly is a golden rule in business, which everyone is bound to follow. However, certain communication issues do pop up which often hinder the business processes. In order to avoid such disturbances, Holistic Communications collaborated with two amazing brands, which take business dealings to a new high. It collaborated with Zoom and Logitech to offer its dedicated client base a unified communications system. This single platform with all necessary features addresses all the issues and set up a secure communication among the business partners, employees, companies etc.

virtual meeting software

Why Zoom?

A reliable name in communication industry, Zoom offers client friendly solutions, which are extremely easy to install and handle. It offers HD quality audio, video and screen share that makes the people trust webinars and virtual meetings more compared to the traditional meetings. From any device, you can connect and contribute into the meeting, be it a desktop, laptop or a smartphone, with a single touch. Moreover, you can also share videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc., without any hesitation.

The connection established is not only secure but also helps to curb all unnecessary costs related to the old form of face to face meetings. Hence, it lets the people to focus on their core competencies instead of wasting their energy and attention to fix communication issues. The quality of the interactions is indeed high definition and the cameras offer the clients the best possible experience, which further eases their worries.

Glimpse into the features

Installing the virtual meeting software will simply amaze you with the multiple features it offers:

  • Nearly 100 video panelists will be able to share their camera and interact live.
  • Dual screen options let you see both the presentation and the panelists at once.
  • Personal or group chatting options to continue the conversation.
  • You will be able to control the minute nuances to make your meeting more engaging.
  • Easy sharing and recording of the meeting.
  • Flexible options for registering, either automatically or manually or you can attend without one.
  • A fully secured portal where all information and data, safeguarded with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption.

With such beneficial features, adopting this technologically sophisticated software would add credence to your business, for sure.

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