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Enterprise communication plays a very important role in the efficiency of any small or large business firm. As the modern business environment grows more dynamic with every passing day, there is now a greater need for superior-quality enterprise communication system that would in turn help companies to meet their current requirements. Collaboration solutions such as Video, Lync, Adobe, Cisco CMR/WebEx, and a wide array of SaaS programs have completely changed the way customers, employees, and suppliers interact and communicate with each other. However, their success has led to a new concern that is faced by network managers and CIOs. More network managers and CIOs are bothered with how to work with limited network capacity when they need to share videos developed with enterprise video platform and immediate solutions are needed to ensure efficiency of the whole system.

Challenges in video accessing

Many global enterprises looking for enterprise video solutions still make use of the Windows Media Server even though it has been years since it has become redundant. This indicates that the Flash Streaming that is used with many modern webinars, webcasts, and social video platforms such as YouTube is not readily accessible to numerous employees. That eventually leads to their missing out on different types of collaboration opportunities and important information on different topics.

One of the most critical challenges faced by Network Capacity Managers is moving vital data around the network. The Network Capacity Managers are usually left with three choices in this regard:

  • Increasing the capacity of network ‘pipe’ that they are using
  • Installing proxy servers that can accelerate the delivery of applications through the hybrid enterprise
  • Assembling their very own peer-to-peer (P2P) solutions


However, a major issue with all these three solutions is that they are not economic, and whatever method is chosen, might not produce desirable results. In such a scenario, Network Capacity Managers are left with dabbling through multiple options to see whichever fits their needs at a given moment. However, there is really no ideal solution to this issue as every organization has very different needs. Nevertheless, it has been found that by implementing peer-to-peer (P2P) delivery technologies have had some level of considerable success in achieving data sharing through the network.

There are currently numerous service providers that offer customized peer-to-peer delivery solutions to enterprises while at the same time bear the stamp of 100% legitimacy. A well-chosen content delivery network can present top of the line solutions to companies that are looking to manage their overall bandwidth within the local and the wide area networks while at the same time not compromise their network security. This can help in the effective usage of video solutions for business.

Many of these service providers such as Kontiki can present clients with an ECDN that can be easily installed on the employees’ machine. The ECDN can cascade the data from one device to the other instead of having each and every system connected to the network through the WAN. This also helps to resolve the dilemma on how to push the video through the network to each and every terminal. The best part of using these services is that it allows enterprises to enable video functions on all of their various collaboration products.

Other products for managing network requirements for video solutions

Companies have partnered to come up with software-oriented content distribution solutions that can deliver linear and live video over the enterprise networks, the internet and private networks. These programs are meant to deliver cost-effective and high-quality methods for organizations to easily distribute video content developed with video platform for business within the enterprise network with or without a traditional CDN.

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