Why LED TVs are available at a very rock bottom price in the market?

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Purchasing a large television is common for most of the houses and different brands are offering different features of the LED TVs. Also, the TVs are available in different price range making it easy on the pockets of the customers. Everyone loves to have a big screen television in their guest room, and they cannot shell out any amount to get the same. On account of increasing demand of LED TVs in the Indian market, most of the top brands are jumping to LED TVs as one of the best alternatives. It is high time that people should change their viewing experience and opt for the best one in the market.

Beyond the online deals offered by most of the online platform and disposable cheap television sets, LED TVs are available at a rock bottom price in the Indian market. Technology is getting cheaper day by day, and in this way, inexpensive products are coming. There is a wrong notion among people that often the cheaper item fails to perform perfectly. But it may be wrong in case of the falling prices of the led tv. One of the reasons for the falling price is its growing popularity among the customers. The feature-packed LED television sets are becoming one of the best purchase as it has become more than just an idiot box and source of entertainment. It can be used to access the internet.

Perception of affordable television sets

People, these days are opting for big screen television sets which are also known as smart TV, and it does make a sense to buy them. Another reason for the falling price of the led tv is the increasingly competitive market of smart TV in every city. The LED TVs no more enjoys a monopoly in the market, and several top-rating brands are coming up with their LED TV sets. Every company is trying their best to provide a top-notch experience to the viewers at an affordable rate. In addition to this, the television manufacturers are trying to install the latest features in low prices to make it easy on the pockets of the customers.

Change in the price factor

A LED TV with a 40-inch screen and top-notch resolution are available for a price of around rupees 20,000. In comparison to this, a smart TV costs almost double the price of a 40 inch LED TV. Before the rock bottom price offered for LED TVs, some of the big companies have felt pressure from their cost-cutting rivals in the Indian market and in this way, the prices of the television have been reduced by 15%. Slowly, the pricing strategies start to work and grab the attention of the target audience more as the customers are able to opt for a cheap alternative. As per findings, it can be said that with lowering the price of the TVs and the advantages of the new technology cannot be resisted by the customers. As a result of this, they opt for the television sets after every four to five years. The technological influence in the world of television has been an excellent benefit for the companies to offer the TVs at a lower price than before and prosper in the market.

In Closing 

It is seen that the 32 to 42 inch TV sets comprises 50% of the market. Other than this, there is number of brands competing in the market offering the LED TVs at rock bottom price. Therefore, the price war prevailing in the television market is similar to the trend in the smartphone market.



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