Why Kotlin Is Regarded As a New Era Of Android App Development

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It has been an established fact for long that Java is the main language for developing Android apps. However, it will not be right if we say that it is the best choice for Android app development. Although it has created its presence as a strong and an effective language, still it has its own share of challenges that can be detrimental for the developers. With the growth of technologies in recent times, various Java Virtual Machine (JVM) languages have started coming into prominence. Large numbers of developers now a days, prefer to use these languages. Kotlin is the most popular one in this category.

Android app development is an inter-related process which helps in creating applications suited for the Android based devices-especially the smartphones. We follow an inter linked process so that our services can actually contribute in accomplishing the desired aims and objectives. In today’s scenario, an Android developer has to be well equipped with the latest technologies so that he/she can develop services which are both purposeful and attractive.

What is Kotlin

This is an open source language which is based on Java Virtual Machine. This is a statically typed programming language which can be compiled with the source code of JavaScript. It has the top rated Android Support Studio. You just simply install the Kotlin plugin and can watch it doing the configuration in your project.

Kotlin for Android

Why Kotlin should be considered

Java as we all know is an old school of language. It is in fact, one of the oldest programming languages. With a History of 22 years Java has given the developers innumerable features that can serve the customers with superb Android apps. A large portion of the developers are well acquainted with this language. However, from the programming standpoint Java has certain limitations.

This is where Kotlin comes with its own advantages which are mentioned below:

No cost adoption: As Kotlin is an open source language, you do not need to spend your valuable money on it. In fact, you can use this high-end language in a simple way using the converter tool of Java to Kotlin. In this way you can easily convert your existing Java files. Thus this tool will help you to convert the complex codes into simpler ones without involving huge time and effort.

Easy to learn: Learning Kotlin is easy as compared to Android O. This is because Kotlin comes with lean and intuitive syntax. It is designed in such a way so that the Java developers can easily avail the learning path.

Interoperability: This is one of the biggest advantages of Kotlin which is making it popular. On a same project Kotlin can co-exist with its elder sibling Java. In fact after compiling your project with both Java and Kotlin, it will become difficult for you to distinguish between the two. Due to the interoperability features Kotlin will enable you utilize its ease of operations without moving to a new project or altering the codes of the ongoing project.

Less coding: As compared to Java, Kotlin requires less coding. If we want to express this in terms of numerical data, it implies that Kotlin requires 20 percent less coding. It actually helps in reduction of the amount of boilerplate coding which the programmers need to write earlier. Here the execution gets better.

Safe to use: Using Kotlin you can stay away from errors such as NullPointExceptions. It further helps in avoiding operating on nullable types. It also includes those from Java. Even if you have checked the a type as right, the compiler is designed to autocast mistakes.

This language has been developed by JetBrains. It comes with a top rated support from Android Studio. Using this language, the Android app development can undergo a sea change. It can replace our traditional programming language on a massive scale by its easy to learn attributes, glitch-free security etc. Keeping pace for the drive of innovation it can soon grab the eye balls of the developers. As it can save time and energy, the developers will find it useful in making applications without compromizing on the desired quality.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the founder member of Red Apple Technologies, a premium Android app development company. Working under him, an Android developer can acquire the vital skills necessary for delivering unique and distinctive services.

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