Know What Makes an IP Phone Better than Digital Phone Systems for Business

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Analog phones are still quite popular because of their impressive call quality, but they are limited in terms of features, and that is the reason why many businesses always look for a better solution. This often makes them use digital phone systems for business. Analog phone systems change voice data to electrical impulses and then send it across wires to an internal switch that controls all your incoming and outgoing calls for a specific network.

Unlike analog systems, digital phone systems change voice info into binary code, which is then translated and converted at the receiver’s phone. These phones use the same networking cable that is used to connect computers to networks. This high-speed cable allows for quick transfer of data and ensures excellent voice quality.

There are so many benefits associated with digital phone systems. For instance, these phone systems are relatively inexpensive and more reliable, especially when compared to traditional analog phones. It is easy to manipulate these phone systems because they offer greater flexibility and compatibility. It is very easy to add new features and store information in digital computer systems. However, it is also important to bear in mind that these phones come with some limitations or disadvantages. For instance, they consume more energy than analog circuits, which is the reason why they are likely to produce more heat. It is also important to mention that digital circuits can be quite fragile and the meaning of large blocks of data may change when a single piece of digital data is missing. Quantization error is also possible during analog signal sampling.

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Considering the limitations of digital phone systems for business, it makes great sense to try other alternatives, such as IP PBX. In this system, your phone sits on your LAN and works through your Internet connection. The best thing about IP phones is that they are highly flexible and can be moved from one desk to another with utmost ease. While you can also move digital phones with a little hassle, you cannot take them home like IP phones that continue to work as if they are in the office.

You may also want to opt for IP phones because they offer greater diversity. You can actually choose from different types of IP phones, including soft-phones that use your computers, soft-clients that use mobile phones, and IP phones that use your wireless network. Another great feature of these phones is video calling that can benefit your business a lot. It allows you to use your web camera to start a video call with the other party. You can also use special purpose video phones for this purpose.

The fact of the matter is that while digital phones are extremely reliable, IP phones are a lot more advanced and offer a combination of interesting and useful features. Setting up an IP phone system may cost you more in the beginning, but the long-term cost is not that high. Just be sure to consider the type of your business and your need for communications to help select the best phone system.

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