Know the basic Payment details of Free Jio Phone for 3 years

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Everyone is happy when the Jio Phone launches exciting features and payment announcements for the 3 months. But, luckily the plan continues even for 6 months to the Reliance Jio users as a great war on its rivals. At first, it announces a free network as a Jio 4G plan and literally free to use data and calls up to six months. At a very low price, the Reliance Jio offers sufficient free announcements for the users to keep an eye on it. Now, the company launches free Jio 4G phone which completely offers smart features and support for VOLTE calls and it is effectively free for the users. It is becoming a significant availability of free phone users by grabbing attention on 4G Jio phone. When seeing the price tag, it highlights the users to keep attraction on this new arrival of Jio phone.

If you wish to buy this free Jio Phone, you need to know the basic payment which is refundable after months. This is because it has provided free services in the past but, the Jio 4G phone requires only limited price from the users. The cost of Jio phone is zero, but there is a minimum payment plan you need to pay to use it. Just take a look at the payment details when you are going to use the phone for three years. In this article, let’s calculate how much you will pay for using this Jio 4G phone after the announcements.

Payment details for 36 months

  1. Rs.1500 security deposit plan
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When you decide to buy Jio 4G phone, you need to pay Rs.1500, and that amount is refundable for 36 months. In fact, you need to pay only this much of amount when you are buying the phone.

  1. Rs.153 Plan

They are taking the base plan of Rs.153 which will explain you the math completely. Of course, this is mandatory for every Jio Phone, and you need to pay Rs. 153 as the minimum amount pay when buying. Apart from this, there are also higher end plans available to the users such as Rs.309 and Rs. 509. To keep the simple balance, you can opt this Rs.153 plan while buying the phone.

Overall calculation for these two payment plans

Rs.1500+Rs.153= Rs.1653 is the amount you have to pay in total at time of buying the Jio Phone.

When it comes to recharging for every month, you need to pay Rs.153×12 months= Rs.1836

Therefore, this is the amount you need to spend on Jio phone for a year. This is applicable only for Rs 153 plan users alone. If you go for higher plans, then the amount varies accordingly. Now, consider this Rs 153 plan for 3 years, if you use the Jio Phone for 36 months just pay Rs 153*36 months= Rs 5508.

Finally, the total amount you pay for the Jio Phone for three years is Rs 5508+Rs 1500 security deposit= Rs 7008. After completing three years and decide to return the Jio Phone, they refund the security money back to you.

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Rs.7008-Rs1500 security deposit= Rs5508

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