Improve your conversion rates with the content locking tools

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The cost per acquisition (CPA) marketing offers rewards to your website when one or more customers visits your website associated website. It offers content locking tools that force your website visitors to fill the CPA offers in order to unlock the content in your website. This can be done by placing the JS script on your website and that will lock the content of your website and that can be unlocked only by filling the CPA offers.There are different friendly locking networks are available that are Leadbolt, AdscendMedia, BlanmAds, CPAlead, BlueTrackMedia, and AdgateMedia. The locking solutions create significantly and new revenue to convert your premium content on your website. The user will capture with an ad-sponsored offer to access your content on the webpage. This helps you to generate revenue from each and every user who visits your content. The content locking is unique and does not give you every strategy but it will teach you a great method.

What are the contents you can lock?

It is important to own a copyright for that content you lock and here are few contents you can lock.

  • Downloads and files
  • eBooks and guides
  • Apps and plugins
  • Music and Videos
  • Coupons and Reviews
  • Raffles and Giveaways
  • Premium Accounts and Services
  • Games, Level guides, and Bonus codes

The network allows mobile content locker and when the mobile device is detected then it will automatically display by the content locker. According to the user device, the offers are targeted to the users and it is better than the desktop traffic. The mobile traffic is better than the desktop traffic because it is mobile friendly that has an easier user flow. It can be fully customized with HTML or CSS flexibility and some other features.

Features of content locking

The content locking includes some of the best features that are

  • More customizable options: The content locking manager allows customize appearance, monetizable options, theme setting, and behavior settings. You can set the URL redirector, campaign type, user access time, and other options that are endless.
  • Gateway optimized campaigns: All the content lockers are handpicked and that are optimized to create traffic to the content on the website. Everyone from any country and at any device can use your content and that maximizing your overall earnings. The content locking is recipe is used to cover the content locking traffic of your website.
  • Real time tracking integration: This uses postback services to provide full integration into websites, games, apps, and software. You can execute own business logic by using tracking ID to send the variables back to your platform. Each successful completion that will lead to generating a commission to your website.

Advanced features: It is a pro that has many advanced features and detailed reporting such as auto INTL translation, impression tracking, and full conversion statistics. You can also optimize variables with the split testing tools available in the network that will further improve your conversion rates.

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