Huawei Honor 7 Vs Moto X Play

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After Honor 6, Huawei seems to cashing in a good response with its budget and mid-range smartphones. The company is dominating successfully across global markets, and is now offering a slew of features with its latest flagship, the Honor 7.Following the famous OnePlus trend, the latest smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer brings an exemplary set of specs at reasonable price tag. The metal clad phone includes Halo features and takes a strong dig against all mid-range players, even the new Moto X Play.


Talking about specs and performance, both mid-range beauties go head and head and offer top-notch performance with utmost perfection. They stack up perfectly in the mid-range segment, and create some serious confusions for buyers shopping for a high-end phone at a price just around 20k. So, moving a step ahead, we’re elucidating these confusions a detailed comparison of both phones: the sassy Huawei Honor 7 and majestic Moto X Play!


In terms of design, both phones look fairly well crafted and give a great grip with a perfect mix of high-quality materials. The sassy Huawei Honor 7 makes a strong impression with a premium form-factor and a beautiful sand-blasted metal back plate, which is barely seen on a phone priced around 20-25k. Its sapphire glass camera lens also looks great, and the rear fingerprint sensor also gives a decent user-experience.

On the other end, the new Moto X Play also makes up a tough competition for Huawei Honor 7. The device lacks a fingerprint sensor, but its curved rear panel with rubberized finish and gives a great grip in hand. Its splash resistant but is fairly thicker on the waistline and heavier as well.


As for viewing experience, Huawei Honor 7 and Moto X Play both go head to head with a decently impressive screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Huawei Honor 7 incorporates a 5.2-inch IPS-NEO LCD capacitive touchscreen, while Moto X Play sports a standard IPS panel of 5.5-inches.They both deliver truly beautiful images with sharp colors, but if you’re looking for an ultimate viewing experience fine details, the NEO LCD panel of Honor 7 is definitely a good choice to count on!

Hardware and Performance

Both phones perform evenly and handle high-end games and apps without any lags or glitches. The Moto X Play comes out snappy with Qualcomm’s mediocre Snapdragon 615 SoC, which does not heats up or falls apart like the Snapdragon 810. It packs strong performance with 2GB RAM, and looks closer to all mid-range phones, including the Honor 7.

The Honor 7, on the other hand, packs high-end innards and looks fairly stronger than Moto X Play. The metal clad phone comes with company’s proprietary 64-bit, HiSilicon Kirin 935 octa-coreCPU clocked at 2.2GHz paired with 3GB RAM.It performs admirably while running heaviest of the apps and does not displays a tendency to heat up while dealing with demanding tasks. It puts up a great show in terms of performance and sit proudly as one of the most powerful smartphone in the mid-range price segment.

Software and UI

While Moto X Play focuses on vanilla android experience with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and an assured upgrade to the next version, Huawei continues with its Android 5.0 Lollipop based Emotion UI, which heavily caters heavily in the Chinese smartphone market, and also promises an official upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

So, going into details, we can say, there’s a big difference between the software of Moto X Play and Honor 7. Stock android on Moto X Play looks pretty clean and slick, while the heavily customized Emotion UI 3.1 of the Honor 7 continues the same tradition of adding a number of superfluous apps!


For photography, Moto X Play features 21-megapixel shooter, and delivers sharp and well detailed photos with rich colors and perfect contrasts.Thepower-packed phoneis not a performer against the Galaxy S6 or LG G4, but it is good enough to deliver generously impressive shots in good light. In darkness, the Play loses its legibility and produces grainy snaps with improper focus. Focusing might a problem on this handset, but apart from this, there is no real trouble for photo freaks. Even its five megapixel front-facing snapper with wide-angle lens manages decent frames with sheer perfection!

On the contrary, aware of its stiff competition, the Honor 7 offers a nice camera setup with its 20MP rear and 8MP front-facing snapper. The device features a nice ecosystem for photography, and incorporates a custom camera app with a bunch of new shot modes, filters, and controls.

So, with a focus speed of 0.1 seconds, Honor 7 makes a perfect package for on-the-go photographers. It captures sharp rear and front-facing snaps with balanced color tones, and puts up quite a show against the likes of Moto X Play.


After losing on hardware and design, the Moto X Play makes a strong comeback with its humongous battery performance. The Snapdragon powered handset accommodates a whopping 3,630 mAh battery and performs better than Honor 7 with a generously impressive battery.

Huawei’s 3100 mAh powerhouse also offers a good deal to take on the likes of devices like OnePlus X and Lenovo Vibe S1. It offers sufficient juice for seamless work and play, but again that’s certainly not enough to shake Moto X Play from its place!

Bottom line

The face-off was very close, but just as we expected, Huawei’s Honor 7 with an improved design and a faster processor comes out on the top. The metal-clad handset with a snappy fingerprint sensor packs a strong punch in the mid-range segment, and offers a great deal for those who’re looking for flagship level features at a decent price bracket.

However, it’s still worthy to remember, Huawei Honor 7 costs at Rs. 22,999, while Moto X Play offers a decent deal at a much lower Rs. 19,999.The difference of specs comes with the difference of pricing, and you can definitely expect a great experience from phones, just according to their prices!

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