Herolocity Review: Automate365 cPanel Plugin

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Herolocity is currently leading the business automation market by being an influential automation platform to reform the manner in which everyday business processes are executed. With over 100 web apps that connect all business tasks by automating them, the company has emerged as a prominent international Software as a Service (SaaS) delivering an intuitive customer experience.

Featured by the likes of Inc., and Forbes, the platform has offered several practical tools for helping today’s business owners. One such utility is Automate365 for cPanel that allows any hosting company to provide 100+ web apps to help clients automate their business for free and directly in the control panel with their cPanel plugin. This helps them add value to a brand, beat competitors and benefit from the revenue sharing model of Herolocity to become a partner for free.


Automate365 hooks up all aspects of a business with the website. A fully functional operating system, it features more than 100+ free web apps for automating cloud phone system, online payments, bookkeeping, newsletters, managing the shopping cart and event booking. The features just go beyond that depending on how you want to use it. It gives an opportunity to hand their customers the power to automate their entire business effortlessly, all native through cPanel and WHM.

Automate365 for cPanel delivers several benefits to hosting providers. However, the most important benefit is it enables the tremendously saturated hosting industry to provide more competitive hosting packages to their clients, particularly for early adopters with a competitive advantage. It also enables all users of Herolocity to access the platform directly from cPanel to manage their complete web presence repeatedly and efficiently.

cPanel and Automate365 perfectly fit together as they both were developed for the same purpose, that is to automate the most feared tasks all in one place by means of an intuitive and simple user interface. Automate365 for cPanel has a single click setup which is convenient. The lightweight plug-in uses an API with the 365 platform and comes with no restrictions as users can install an unlimited number of web applications.

Herolocity provides 24/7 support access directly from the plug-in via support ticket to guarantee a hassle-free experience to its cPanel hosting partners and their customers. The average time for receiving a response is not more than a day. Users choose the domain and can get the app auto-installed and no manual code implementation is required. Herolocity strongly believes in improving all existing and upcoming applications and rigorously updates every app with interruption-free automatic updates for a smooth user experience.

The Automate365 cPanel plug-in has several benefits for the users in terms of growth and technicalities. Let’s take a look at these:

User Benefits

  • Completely Free: There are no monthly charges and no per user costs. Herolocity only collects 3% per transaction without any transaction or credit fees
  • A Wide Range of Apps: The options are endless with cloud phone, convenient appointments, HR, newsletter, bookkeeping and online store
  • No Third-Party Apps: There is no third-party reliance as the 365 platform provides all the apps and features you need

The Automate 365 Panel plug-in helps you get your company out of anonymity by saving significant costs.

Growth Benefits

  • Revenue Distribution: Herolocity shares the revenues it generates from credit card transactions via their apps with users
  • Beat Rivals: You can become a partner and outrival your competitors in the market with Automate365.
  • Boost ARPC: You can boost the average revenue from each client with the new pricing model offered by Automate365.
  • Reduce Churn: Using the cPanel apps, you can reduce customer churn.

Technical Benefits

  • Lightweight: The cPanel plug-in utilizes Herolocity’s API and all data is hosted on the 365 platform and not the user’s cPanel server.
  • No Maintenance: Zero maintenance is required for the Automate365 cPanel plug-in that also provides interruption-free updates.
  • Constant Updates: Herolocity strives hard to continuously update the cPanel plug-in and 365 platform and incorporate enhanced features to apps with quick updates.
  • 24/7 Support: Herolocity provides un-interrupted support for both partners and their customers directly from within the cPanel plug-in.

Herolocity helps business owners build success from scratch, from building their website to being discovered by customers. Their services take aim to direct your business to the targeted audience in order to accomplished the desired goals.

If You Are A Web Hosting Provider

Getting started is pretty easy for web hosting providers.

  • Get access to the cPanel plug-in and API by creating a free partner account.
  • Install the cPanel plug-in with a code via SSH. Bulk installation is also offered if you have more than 20 servers, for free.
  • Use Herolocity’s email templates for announcing the value they are bringing to their customers.

Final Thoughts

The best part about Herolocity is it offers web applications for free. The start-up is emphasizing on empowering business owners by automating everything they do every day. There are no hidden costs and the company only charges 3% on every credit card transaction made via every app.

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