Google AdWords Tips for Newbies

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Selling a product these days mostly boils down to how good your Google AdWords or PPC copy is. Google is an incredibly powerful platform to get your products in the hands of millions of users. But this only works if your ad copy is properly written to be highly effective. Writing an ad copy is something that is unique. It’s not like writing a social media blog post or a promotional article. The rules of writing print ad copies do not apply to Google either. You have to convince a user to purchase a product in two or three sentences. It can be a challenge. Here are several tips that will help you improve the Google ad copies so that the target audience actually clicks:

Add the Main Keyword to Headlines and URLs

Ad copies do have to be keyword rich. But do not stuff the copy with keywords and risk sounding unprofessional. Choose one or two main keywords to use in the copy. It’s very important to do your research right here. Use professional SEO services to research keywords with expert help. Then, and add the main keyword to the headline. Most AdWords copywriters do this. However, most do not add the keyword to the URL of the ad. It’s a neat trick that will optimize your ad even further.

Use Emotional Triggers

No one will pay attention to your ad if you only use cool and overtly professional language. Businesses don’t make sales without getting the customer to connect with the product. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use emotional triggers in the ad copy. Emotional triggers here refer to strong emotions, like anger or frustration that the customer will respond to. Your product must appear as a solution to these emotional responses. For example, a divorce law firm may use emotions like anger and entitlement to appeal to customers. Phrase your ad in a way that allows the customer to respond in this fundamental manner.

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Include Numbers in the Copy

Numbers grab attention. Therefore, if you use numbers or statistics in the ad copy, more people will be glancing and clicking. For example, if you are offering a discount, include numbers in the discount. Rather than say “summer sale” in the ad, a more effective phrasing would be “50% off summer sale.” People process such numbers more quickly and respond equally. Do not make up fake statistics. Rather, use numerical facts you have at hand to write a killer ad copy.

Emphasize Benefits or Perks over Acclaim

Customers are self-centred. They don’t care about the awards or praise your company or the products have won. What they want to know is how your product can benefit them. So, write about direct benefits of the product and don’t waste space to tell everyone about the excellence award your product won.

Do Use the Exclamation Mark

This—“!”—the exclamation point can be very effective in grabbing the attention of web users. Use the exclamation point in the first sentence after stating a benefit or a number. However, do be careful not to overuse. As a rule of thumb, don’t use the exclamation point more than once. If you do, the impact of it would diminish.

Use the above suggestions to write highly effective ad copies for your campaign. Use short sentences, and don’t overuse keywords. Also, don’t forget to collect data on how effective each copy ends up being.

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