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What is IPTV? The abbreviation of IPTV is internet protocol television. It is based on the idea of showing the television content using internet. Choosing an IPTV is very difficult when there are many good companies who provide excellent services. This article gives you an idea about it that could help you find the Best IPTV provider so that you can enjoy television over internet.

Rapid IPTV:

Rapid IPTV provider is best known for providing international channels. Their streaming quality is very good and they also provide 4000 channels across the globe. Going through a huge number of channels is very difficult, so they have an electronic program guide which makes this process very easy. They provide excellent service in Europe because they have their servers there. They also provide quite a variety of video on demand (VOD) movies for 100 USD a year; this feature is really worth the cost. Rapid IPTV provides a 24 hour trial to test their services.

Magic IPTV:

Magic IPTV have been streaming around the world for quite a long time. They provide over 3000 channels from more than 24 countries. They have different channels for kids, sports, news, entertainments, etc but they do not provide VOD movies. The cost is 150 USD a year which may seem a bit expensive, but they provide reliable services.


IP Guys:

This provider is known for reliability and quality. IP Guys have very good streaming quality. However they only provide few channels which and also they do not support multiple registrations. The cost is higher when compared to the other channel providers but this is because of the amazing quality. The cost is 120 USD.


ACE IPTV provides all the English channels at affordable prices. Over Canada, U.K and U.S. they provide over 500 channels at 60 USD a year. The important feature of this IPTV is that you can use multiple devices at a time and also they provide HD streaming.


SP-Central provides HD streaming for English channels. They provide only 180 channels. Netherland is the place where their server is located. If you are living in the European countries and you are looking for high quality HD channels with high bit rates, then this provider is for you. They charge 90 USD per year.

Ruya provider:

Ruya provider gives international selections.  For 200 USD they provide 1000 channels per year; they provide VOD movies and also VOD catch-up with a good streaming quality.

Sports Donkey:

Sports Donkey provides the best sports channels. Whatever the game that you are looking for Sports Donkey has got your back with only 60 USD a year. The only drawback is that this provider lacks EPG.


All the service providers are good in their reliability and performance but there are two things that you should keep in mind. They are, content and the pricing. The content of the services includes what you are looking for in IPTV and the range includes how much money you are willing to spend over it.

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