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GB whatsapp

You might be using GB WhatsApp in your android phone since it has much more powerful features and ad-on than the official version of WhatsApp we use in our phone. GB WhatsApp is specially made for them who are concerned about their privacy and security, be invisible anytime in chat menu, change the menu appearance with new downloadable themes and many more features to use. It is developed by group of developers named GB group who are updating it timely to latest additions. You will not found it on google play store because it’s a third party application which can be downloaded from outsources in google, you only have to search for the latest updated version of GB WhatsApp.

Today we are going to review GB WhatsApp app to let you know more about this third party application and modified versions of this. We will list you the known features of this application so that you can make decision whether to use it or not. Therefore without wasting your precious time lets have look on GB WhatsApp app review.

GB WhatsApp Features:

It comes with numerous features which gives you almost complete control over your WhatsApp. You will still be able to enjoy each of the official WhatsApp feature on it without any problems. Installing it in your phone will not stop you from using basic WhatsApp features and settings. The GB Group developers are updating the app every time the new version of update is coming in official WhatsApp. This helps you to not get any incompatibility problems with the official one.

GB WhatsApp interface review:

There is nothing new look in the interface, it’s almost similar to the official WhatsApp found on Google Playstore. But it gives you option in GB WhatsApp settings to make your own icon, themes to download and change the chat screen colour and background as your like.

Advance editing and messaging functionalities:GB whatsapps

GB WhatsApp has lots of new functions in aspects of editing while on chatting you can edit and translate the text almost in every language. Now you can send 90 images at a time rather than 10 images, name the group with upto 35 characters, copy and use someone’s status as yours, download status of anyone, can send the broadcast message upto 600 peoples at once, put 255 character status instead of 139 characters, can watch external link videos on spot, Now you can go offline from GB WhatsApp just with one tap on the network icon in tab menu, for your data privacy you can use passcode lock from settings, hide blue tick and second tick for your privacy, hide typing status so other party won’t know whether you are typing or not, set up your name on top of the menu, you can change your custom notification icons and launcher icons too.


GB WhatsApp is the trending application nowadays because of its countless features and privacy security. The updates comes up timely to ensure any kind of incompatibility or any issue. So at last I would recommend you to feel free to install this application on your phone if you are bored of using the official one. Hope you like the GB WhatsApp app review.

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