Galaxy S8 Rumors: Features and Specifications

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Samsung has, time and again proven to us how it is just the perfect definition of evolution and advancement. Though it is now time for the S8 to hit the market, the rumours about the device are already afloat in full swing. So here are things that you might see in the Galaxy S8, to be released sometime in 2017.

Galaxy S8 Rumors: Features and Specifications

Going by the trends, the S8 is likely to release in the 2nd quarter of next year. Currently, the Note 6 is what the makers of Samsung have been working on, so considering all of that, the 2nd Quarter of 2017 is the time for S8.

To start off with, let us discuss the camera features for the device. The camera for the device has never been a disappointment, and this time too, we can expect nothing less. Some features which we’d see in the S8’s camera includes optical image stabilization, auto laser focus, HDR, geo tagging and facial recognition. From what rumours suggest, the front camera will be a 12 MP while the rear camera shall be a 30 MP. In short, we’d not wish for more after we see what the S8 has to offer.

Next comes the memory options, which is likely to be a choice between a 64 GB device and a 128 GB device. Moving on the RAM, we can expect a 6 GB RAM in order to boast the overall performance of the device.

The screen and display will include a 5.3 inch 4 K display with a screen resolution of 4096*2160. The battery for the device is what might seem to us mind boggling and unexpected; the proposed battery is said to be a 4200 mAh which shall allow the phone to go more than day without charging. With fast charging technique and wireless charging available as well, the battery for the S8 will be nothing less of a miracle if it turns out to be what the rumours speak.

To add on to totally new and proposed features for the device, the features include a flexible screen, clear force touch, a new operating system, and a USB C type port. If all that is there, then we sure are going to be amazed by the S8!

Given all the rumours about the features, the rumours about the price are nothing less either. The phone is proposed to be priced at $900, which shall also vary depending upon the internal storage/other features, if present.

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