Funny Posts are Creamy Highlights of Social Media in Fact!

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Well you agree or not but I am all set for the opinion that all humorous and fun mode pictures, quotes, jokes, video are most engaging on social media networks especially if we talk about facebook. It is also a reality that no other social media platforms have broken the audience appeal of facebook till now. You browse over social media and find out the great humor in the form of funny videos. Even the serious matters of life, society, technology, domestic politics, global issues and news about star celebrities are presented in a humorous or lighter note, and then it is more engaging than other sorts of shares!

Why Humor Attracts Us Globally at Present Times

You see life is a great struggle and modern civilization with all its advancements and global reach out has made us more like machines. A typical ‘9 to 5’ work routine and then all the same stuff and no Socialization and Catharsis. Here the social mediums which are easy to catch with smart phones with apps and a whole new world interacting and sharing funny jokes. In a way it is a catharsis and a boarder way to understand how we can laugh at our own faults and the system. It gives a relief check to be surrounded by so many social media inmates who have no relation to us but they make us forget our worries and troubles for a short time with some funny blogs, quotes, jokes and mostly videos.

Finding Your Own Sources of Funny Jokes will Relieve You

It is also true that the serious minded readers love to read what is out there in every corner. But to freshen up their minds they do get into casual conversations and try to laugh out loud their worries. Here everybody has a different set of taste for everything. You cannot expect the same food to be sleeted out of a restaurant menu and not even to adore similar sets of costumes and shoes. This variation and difference in human likings and disliking is a root cause of all aesthetic masterpieces, and for diversity in manmade creation. Here you cannot find all viewers liking the same Sitcom or a Movie. So, it is a solid case that you can post funny images jokes but each piece will get separate liking, and you need other images and jokes to attract more viewers and readers.

How to Breath in Fresh Air into Social Media with Humorous Posts

If you want any person or consumer to reach to your business destination then you need to engage his/her attention. It is so easy to select some real good time jokes and then use graphic images to showcase these in glittering colors on the social forums like facebook, twitter, google plus or instagram. It is all here with different shades of human nature that can turn into a famous joke. A spontaneous reply of a kid or anyone is a joke of centuries as you go through the history of all humorous literature.


We have now understood the power of social media and how we can utilize it for engagement with our specific pages, and even a redirection to our websites. It s case matter of discussion as how you will choose the jokes and images from an old list or you have some great writers who can write funny but captivating lines. But for sure it is true that funny jokes and images along with videos of the sort are serving the larger base of social media users, and it is a universal phenomenon in a way.

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