Four Reasons Why Google is the Best Place to Work

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Google is the Best Place to Work

Google, the world’s largest and biggest internet giant working day and night restlessly since 1998. It is an US based multinational corporation founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, providing various online services worldwide. These two founders actually found it in 1996 in Menlo Park, California when they are pursuing their Ph.D. in Stanford University. A number of internet services are provided by them which has no limit and still increasing day by day. Initially,

Google was launched as an search engine and today it becomes the largest search engine of the world. By the time, Google Inc. launched a number of services, out of which becomes a daily part of life such as Google Maps, the easiest way to find addresses and travel the world. Google offices are available worldwide including New Zealand, users can also visit the office for any type of business related queries at Google

According to the Google records of 2015, more than 55,000 people around the world are employed in Google Inc. Headquarters of Google is situated in Googleplex, Mountain View, California. Even, Google dethroned Facebook in the list of great place to work. The things what makes Google the best place to work are mentioned below along with the reasons and Google doing for their employees to make them happy.

What makes Google the best place to work?

  • The first point which makes it best is job satisfaction and according to a recently conducted survey, 86 per cent employees of Google are highly satisfied with their work in Google. HR boss of Google stated that they are trying to fulfill every demand and trying to provide the best environment to the employees without giving any type of stress or workload to them. A major contribution to this project is Googleplex, a complete new Google corporate headquarters in the United States, which provides a number of facilities including swimming pool, bars, restaurants and several other luxury facilities.
  • Time to time medical assurance service is provided by Google to their employees as they want their employees to be happy and healthy, so that they can work with the company honestly. Special doctors, nurses, general practitioner, gymnasium and a number of other medical facilities are available 24/7 in the corporate offices of Google.
  • Google also provides post demise support to the families of the departed employees of Google. The family members of the departed employee will get 50% of the annual income of the employee. Also, the children of the employee will get $1000 monthly until they reach 19. This is also a big step which makes their employees happy, so that if there is any misshaping, their families are secured.
  • Special parenthood vacations are also provided by Google to new parents working in the company. Special vacations for the new born for 12 to 18 weeks are also provided by the company. Also, the women employees will get 22 weeks leave according to the women’s law. Also, the parents will get $500 monthly, for the baby care, which can be used at the special baby care sites established by Google. You can check out more details about the Google services by calling Google Customer Service Phone Number.
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