Five Tips How to Make Money Selling Apps

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You want to know how to make money selling apps? In the past, it was necessary to know programming language to create applications for mobile devices. In addition, developers charged expensive to develop customized applications for market distribution. In Brazil, the cost is $ 2,100 / month for a full-time programmer with about 5 years of experience. Some charge per hour, about $ 13 – $ 50 or more. However, there is another way: do it yourself!

Online platforms to create applications such as different app generators, app creators are beginning to emerge, allowing you to create, design and distribute your application with a few easy steps. You can then monetize your applications to start making money or sell them to others.

If you already have a business or want to start your own creation applications business, here are some ways and steps to take to make money.

  1. Use your application as a tool to promote your business. If you make money from your application is not the goal, focus only on promoting your business and make money. Promote your business through your application can be enough to create interest in your brand and create more revenue for your business.
  2. Create and sell applications to other companies or organizations. If you are ace in creating your own applications, also consider creating apps for third parties. Some even start a business creating and distributing applications for others. There are several companies that will pay for this service, since they do not have time to do on their own but having an app is a need for them.
  1. Sell your app in the App Store. If you have high quality content or a way to make people’s lives relatively easier with your application you can certainly collect them to download. Just make your application, publish it on the App Store and Google Play, promote it with some effective tips and just wait to start making money with downloads.
  2. Offer free downloads and covers for use. If the purpose of your application is to provide some kind of service, you can charge your customer for it. Use a “freemium” business model or signature or sell your products through your apps. Either way, you begin to explore the segment of millions of customers who frequently use their mobile devices to carry their purchases.
  1. Offer free downloads and monetize your ads. One thing you can do to make sure that your application will arrive in the hands of multiple users is offering it “free.” More people will download it when you offer it for free and you can monetize the app with ads to make money. Many people are doing it using Google AdSense with videos on YouTube. The purpose of this is to spread your message, not make money with the application itself. So if you have a message you really want to spend, give it free.

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