Five Effective Rules of SEO for 2016

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Digital marketing is one of the best and strong media advertising channels in this era. It makes viral a post within minutes and in the next moment it may be on the millions of the people mind. Digital marketing includes lots of ways to promote products and services through these marketing mediums along with boost sales by grabbing the attention of its targeted customers. SEO (Search Engine Marketing) is one of the best idea to make one’s marketing by doing some technical points. Most of the advertiser still don’t know about the SEO while living in Digital era. But it is very effective to pop up the logos, images and promotional massages within minutes if it is created with proper plaining. Years after years and over and over again the ways and rules of the SEO changed according to the need and requirements of the users.

There, we are discussing the five effective rules of SEO for the year 2016

Most of the advertiser in online marketing they are spending on content to promote their product and service. By investing in content marketing there is need to know the best and effective rules of SEO for 2016.

  • Keywords are not all in all

It was very easy to stuff keywords and building few links we can be able to grab the attention of search Engine to rank our content. But in today’s SEO there is need to develop a strong strategy to optimize content rather than focusing on keywords stuffing.

  • To knowing your audiences and intention is everything:

There is very important to know the intention of the customers how the customer click on a Google result or what intention he has to search? What is the problem that a customer is facing? And our products or service can handle it and reduce the problems. This is very strong rule for SEO in 2016 because if we rank a page but user didn’t click on it due to have not find any useful information that fill the gap of intend query.

“You no longer need an exact keyword to offer a relevant search result, says Cyrus Shepard, director of audience development at Moz “.

  • Content Size Matters:

As ever we listen from each of the SEO expert that content is still king to be on first page in google search. The length of 1200 to 1500 words’ article is fine and got ranked well in search.

“Longer articles perform better in search results because there are more words and images to rank on the page”. Shepard says.

Longer articles plays well and most of the people like and share it to quote references. Short articles show better results sometimes but longer give immense visibility.

  • Optimize for Mobile

It would be less important if we do not optimize our content for mobile searches. The statistic shows the total number of mobile phone users worldwide from 2013 to 2019. For 2017 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion. By understanding these states mobile marketing is very important to grab the attention of the mobile audiences.

  • Use Unique Images

Images have not much exposure but it would be better solution if we optimize it. There must be a unique image while creating new piece of content. Every time there must be a new image that take the attention of the audience. Infor graph also playing vital role and increase the visibility of our content. The rule is, we should show what our audiences or people want to see that would be more effective rather than we are imposing things which create hassles for people.

Yousuf Akash is an online marketer who is working for many clients by offering her best services, SMM, SEO, Digital marketing and PPC management. It is the first priority to reduce the budget and show maximum exposure. Currently working of Vivid Advertising that which is an Australian based company, manufactured custom outdoor banners, and all types of expo accessories.

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