Fashion E-commerce Is Going Through The Mobility Revolution

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Fashion E-commerce

The mobile revolution has changed the world in more than one ways. From establishing seamless communication anywhere and anytime to rendering high-tech apps that take the business to the next level, mobile devices have brought extensive changes everywhere. The biggest impact, perhaps, has been in the e-commerce industry as buyers have made a paradigm shift from PCs to mobile devices. It comes as no surprise that a majority of sellers are taking up app development services to build a robust presence across the mobile selling channel. When it comes to the industry segments, fashion e-commerce has witnessed a considerable impact of the mobility revolution. There are more than one ways in which mobile apps have changed the shopping experiences for fashion e-commerce stores. Let us try and explore the growing role of mobility in this segment.

Anywhere-anytime availability drives faster conversions
Imagine that you have invested in magento store development for your online fashion brand. The website will bring in potential shoppers through the web channel but you will still lose the ones who are on the mobile channel. Of course, a responsive website can be accessed via smartphones yet the experience they deliver is not comparable with that offered by an app. Smartapps ensure that the customers can browse through the store, anytime and anywhere and can order instantly as soon as they take the decision. E-commerce selling is all about capitalizing on the “micro-moments”, which is done better when shoppers have devices using which they can shop with only a few clicks.

Enable the use of device-specific features for better experiences
Mobile shopping is far more interactive and engaging as compared to shopping from an e-commerce store. Device features such as camera, GPS, and microphone can be used to elevate the shopping experience. The user can use the device camera to click the picture of a specific garment they see someone wearing or displayed at the store. Apps allow them to make visual searches using these images, which is something that fashion shoppers frequently do. Customers can also use these images in the virtual try-rooms that the apps offer to visualize the way they the garment would fit them. Similarly, mobile apps allow the use of the device microphone to enable voice searches.

Empower e-stores with personalized marketing
Another reason that most of the sellers are making a beeline for apps is that they empower them with personalized marketing strategies. Features such as push notifications can be used to send personalized offers and deals to the sellers. The GPS functionality of a smartphone plays a key role in delivering targeted, location-based messages to the app users in the vicinity of the physical retail store. A large number of online shoppers prefer to check the products at retail outlets and then shop them via the smartapp. Besides location-based notifications, app users can also be pursued with notifications based on the search preferences, shopping history, and user demographics.

Give a branding advantage to the online store
Success in the fashion industry is all about being visible and having an impressive brand presence. Being present on the App Store is a remarkable way of establishing an online brand as it enhances the visibility of the business on the mobile platform. Moreover, users who download a mobile application feel a close connection with the brand because they have the brand icon on the home screen. Being in sight means being in mind, particularly when it comes to fashion e-commerce, where the competition is cut-throat. Apps deliver better customer support with chatbots being accessible 24 by 7. This factor also supports the branding efforts of the business as it improves the shopping experience and builds the trust of the shopper in the brand.

Mobile apps can bring amazing opportunities for e-commerce businesses dealing in high-fashion products. Moreover, as a majority of businesses in this domain are already embracing mobility, doing so no longer remains an option. A business that wants to make the most of this opportunity should connect with a professional Mobile Application Development Company for getting an app that makes them stand apart. They can use their skills and expertise to create exceptional mobile applications with advanced features such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, location-based technology, and more. The secret to success in the fashion e-commerce industry lies in standing apart and an outstanding mobile presence ensures it!

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