Facts About 9apps, you’d wish to Have Known Earlier

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What is 9apps?

Have you heard about Alibaba Business Corporation? This is the parent company of the application 9apps. 9apps is a must-have app, which takes just 1.99 MB of your phone memory that is an app store in itself. You may not find it in the Google play store but can be easily downloaded from the browser. The store has thousands of applications, games, wallpapers, music and one hundred percent virus free and can be downloaded into your device. The best part about this app store is that the store and the apps available here are absolutely free of cost, irrespective of our choice.

Additionally, the interface and apps are available in fourteen different languages, including English. Android users will find it easy to store and use the app as its design has been kept simple and light for the general public. The app would run smoothly on your device and can be updated easily. It would also not use much of your data.

Why do Android users need 9apps?

Apart from the pros and facts mentioned above, there are a lot of benefits of using 9apps. If you are an Android user, you would be able to utilize these benefits better, unlike Apple users.

  • For starters, 9apps users would be able to get updates on many new apps available in the APK version through this app store. You would also be able to download them very quickly, without using much of your data and at a high speed of course. You would not have to worry about all the permissions and restrictions that Android smartphones offer.
  • The search filter of this app store is really convenient and useful. You will not face any issues while searching for your favorite application. You would also find suggestions according to the choices you have made earlier.
  • A very useful feature of the app store is that you can watch movies and videos while downloading wallpapers, games, ringtones, etc. without disrupting the download.
  • Since the size of the app store is not much, you won’t have to worry about the lagging and your device getting slow. You would be able to get stuff of the app store pretty smoothly.

What are the main features of the app?

What attracts most users of this wonderful app is its accessibility. You can find the app on the browser without any fuss and download in a short while. Not only this, you would be able to download the app really quickly as it is small and runs pretty smoothly.

The makers and developers of the app are highly qualified and have made sure to suggest you with the best options and applications that are available in the store. The suggestions that the app gives you would be according to your previous choices and actions.

9apps has been a big hit since its launch in the market and can be a great choice for Android users to download anything they want anytime anywhere.

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