Essential Features of a Business Website

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 By the end of December 2015, every 4 out of 10 people in the world used internet at some point in their life. Which is quite a feat, isn’t it? It also goes on to show the ever-escalating depth and reach of internet among people worldwide.
Now look at another piece of data – in 2015, the internet was responsible for influencing a whopping 64% of all in-store sales. This clearly shows where some 3 billion daily Google searches are heading or, or headed to.
So, these stats would surely delight you no end if you run a business and has an online presence. After all, your website too stands where all the benefits are there to gain.
If your business however is yet to have a website, then you’re surely at a great loss. Here is why –

Websites help your business grow and expand with minimum possible investment

They help expand your base and boost your digital footprint

Your customer engagement and customer strength gets a massive boost

Your business reaches to newer geographies and connect with new customers

Your products and services are easily available to internet users

Sales, ROI and revenue will go up

Quite clearly, all these benefits will only reach you when your business website has all essential features.

Features of a business website
Only a feature-rich website will have any chance on the internet and only they can help your business gain desired results.
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Here are those feature –      

#1    The site should be user-friendly
It’s a bonus if the site looks visually appealing but the real heft will be derived from its user-friendly nature. The site should give good experiences to users and it should have a good content and structure. It should have a logical road map to help users access every aspect easily.

#2      All business and contact information should be there
Users always look to know and understand your business before engaging with it further. So, the site should have all business information – from company profile to its policies to mission –listed there in a clear manner. Having contact information lets users reach to the business easily.

#3    The site should be simple yet technically rich
Users love simplicity. They also want the site to serve their purposes easily. The site should be easy to read, easy to understand; it should have well-formatted images and content. More so, it should be easily viewed on all devices and it should load faster. Similarly, no dead links should be there and easy navigation should be present.

#4    The site should be secure
Security is a big issue every business has to deal with great care. The site’s security gets more prominence when it sells products or services online. Not having SSL certificates can dent prospects as they stop buyers from sharing sensitive card details such as credit card or debit card. This is how transactions never flourish the way they should.

#5    The site should have social media integration
Having social presence is important in today’s time. This gives your business a greater reach and a bigger market to cater. That’s why, your business website should integrate those giant social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. so that more customers can be won.

#6    The site should support mobile
We know mobile and smartphones are rising in penetration and usages alike. More people now use hand-held devices such as tabs, smartphones etc. to find information and do transactions. So, your business website should take into account such users and this is only possible with a responsive design. Such a design will help it cater mobile users in the same manner as desktop ones.

#7    Multi-browser support and search-friendly features
The site should be friendly to search engines. Only this can ensure better rankings and superior presence on the internet. Similarly, it should support all popular browsers in the market so that users can access the site from any device with effortless ease. This will help the business grow its base gradually.

In overall, all these essential features will be a reality only when you hire an experienced web development company for your business website. So, hire correct and see your business grow and expand.

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