Enterprise Video Conferencing – A welcome improvement over traditional meetings

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The modern day world requires a large platform to communicate in a cloud-based system in the wake of attaining unhampered collaborative services. Evidently, the implementation of web conferencing and enterprise video conferencing are becoming a necessity. The services generally include web seminars, webcasts, or peer-level web meetings. In all these arrangements, organizations can arrange implant a particular idea upon the mind of the associates and employees to get the best result from the purpose.

In the recent past, the sequence of a meeting was totally hardware based and very time-consuming. Besides, it was not easy to assemble all the related employees in the same conference room. Due to these demerits and unavailability of the associates, the important business issues remained aloof from discussion, resulting in heavy losses. To remedy the trouble situation a cloud-based system or simply you can say enterprise video conferencing have become an inevitable necessity.

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Capitalizing over the traditional meeting methods

The traditional meetings were inconvenient and had to go through certain drawbacks. For instance, the involved company had to bear severe expenses to arrange for meetings and the outcome was not so good either to proceed further. At times, it had to deal with the absence of valuable customers, which resulted in some unavoidable circumstances. 

Thankfully, the emergence enterprise video conferencing has emerged as a welcome solution to such communication gap, with added benefits:

  • It allows the IT manager to conduct a web conference where all the employees can connect with the meeting through TCP/IP connections.
  • The introduction of video conferencing has also lead to a reduction in communication cost.
  • The point-to-point communication in a specific topic, as well as multicast communication from a sender to the receivers, has become possible.

The Enterprise video conference offers good audio connections and appreciable video streaming capabilities. To attend a web conference you simply require a mobile device, such as a desktop, laptop, or a smartphone with internet access, but here it may require some investments. The ultimate goal behind using this facility is to bridge the distance between all the stakeholders of the business and recreate the experience of a traditional meeting in a large room.

Additional benefits

Some companies are giving additional streamline IT support like browser-based access. Here you do not have to rely upon the software, and you do not require any license for the remote documents either.

  • You can keep the data from the conference
  • Communicate through the browser and with the help of headphone
  • A driving opportunity for saving money
  • No bulky video system
  • A reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which does not need any Internet protocol (IP).


Wrapping up

You need a seamless, unified collaboration platform to regulate audio-visual content and asynchronous communication. You can either use the web conferencing software to present an image of presenter’s desktop image or upload some topics as a document file. Moreover, you can also opt for a VoIP system than a copper-wire telephone system for better results.

For best results, you can opt for web conferencing system from Holistic Communications. The renowned company, in collaboration with Zoom and Logitech has worked wonders in conducting successful virtual meetings. Whether you opt for audio, video or the entire communication system, all its facilities are of superior quality, customer-centric and affordable. 

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