Easy Way To Choose The Best Website Building Platform

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Best Website Building Platform

It is not a tough task to build a website. Because for developing a site you must know how to write the code (like a pro) or need to hire an expensive builder for the same.

Website builders have spread all over the Internet. There are many ways that you have used that might be a better and correct website building platforms for you.

Website builders are the best solution for small and individual business. You can make your own website without hiring a developer or coder. The main problem is finding the perfect website builder that can be tricky for the beginners.

Many website builders out there, how do you know which is the perfect website building platform for you? In this article, we will help you to choose which is the best website builder.

We will be comparing the following website builders in this blog. If you want to take interest in a website builder, so read our blog properly. And the website builders are:

  • WordPress.com
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • BoldGrid
  • Squarespace

Choosing the perfect website builder

Before differentiating the top website builders, we suggested that you write down what you want to do with your website? What are your goals and perspective and what features would you like to see on your website.

For example, you can write down things like: picture gallery, online store, have a blog section, reservation system, contact form, slider, etc.

If you are unconfident about that what you want, then check out contender or other websites for creativity.

Most of the website builders provide drag and drop user interface to build your website. You can take a chance to lead the trial accounts to test drive before making your final result.

You have to make sure that the website builder having the ability to handle your necessitate as your business grows.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best website builder platforms to build your website without hiring a website developer.

Some steps for you to take right decision:

  • How long has the company been established?
  • How many people are using the builder?
  • Are the number of users growing?
  • Are people curious for the company in Google?
  • Is it easy to get in touch with the company’s support team?
  • Does the company have a fair refund policy?
  • Pros & Cons Comparison – Wix, WordPress, Weebly
  • Which Website Builder Should You Select?
  • How Much Prefer Each Website Builder Cost?
  • Overview of WordPress.com
  • Overview of Wix
  • Overview of BoldGrid
  • Conclusion / Recommendations

List of website building platforms are:

1. WordPress.com

There is two form of WordPress which are available on the internet. The WordPress.org and WordPress.com, both are the self-hosted. We will discuss on both in this blog.

WordPress is the best content management system, WordPress.com provides the blogs and site hosting service. It is founded by Matt Mullenweg.

Since the WordPress Technical Support system exists on your own server, and you are free to test it as much as you want.

You are answerable for providing and installing the WordPress building platform on your own server and that you pay for it. It includes installing any theme and plugin as per your choice and customizing any code.

WordPress is a free and open source website builder platform on the internet. It means that you have more control over your site compared to any other builder in the list.

Unlike other site building platform, you will need a WordPress hosting account to host your website.

WordPress is the home to the latest customizable content management system. When people want to refer to create their website using “WordPress”, they are usually referring to WordPress.org.

However, the WordPress.com is different from the WordPress.org. The WordPress.org is the best website maker because of its demand, ease of use, and powerful features.

WordPress.org is also known as self-hosted WordPress. This is the world’s most popular website building platform. About 28% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.


WordPress gives you the full control of every aspect of your site. It can be used to make a different type of site.  For example, an eCommerce store website, community forums, a social media network, a membership website etc.

WordPress.com provides the site hosting service. And it is also a free and open-source software.

You will not have to worried about the software and backups, because it takes care of it.

There are free and paid plans with individual sets of features.

There are many premade WordPress theme that you can choose for your site design. Also, the site prefer you drag and drop page builder.

For Example, Beaver Builder and Elementor, that allows to easily create your own page layouts.

WordPress is completely translated Content Management System. You can translate your site into many languages easily by using this CMS.


You can’t install plugins or themes unless you need to upgrade their business plan.

Premium and lower plans do not have e-commerce features. With the business plan, you can use WooCommerce setup and third-party ad networks.

Otherwise, you will follow terms and conditions of WordPress.com’s.

You will have to manage your own website, that means you will need to instruct in yourself with a new system.

You will have to chance with WordPress plugin updates and create a backup.

2. Wix.com

Wix is a widely-used cloud-based website maker, it has variously designed for small businesses and individuals ideas.

It has all the features that you want, to make a stunning website as well as manage and increase your online business.

Without requiring coder or developer, it is very simple and easy to use. It also gives the freedom to every user to make a site as per to their specific needs.

Wix is the best and free website builder for small businesses and for creative professionals like social reformers, musicians, bloggers, artists, and designers as well as businessmen such as store owners, online sellers etc.


Wix is fully hosted platform for building a website on the internet. With this site builder no need to pay for hosting.

You can get access to many templates to choose from your website design. Most of the templates are completely editable with their inherent drag and drop site maker.

It also comes with many free and paid applications that you can install on your site.

This app prefers you to add new features and functionality to your site. Most of the sites are created by the Wix and others platforms and also created by the third-party developer.

Wix site executes above from the average rate of speed. You will not have to worried about security and updates, because the site is hosted on a Wix server. There are so many options that affect you to purchase the various premium bundle.


Advertising on your website has more beneficial for you, especially if you are paying a small amount of fee.

With Wix, the entry-level plan that hovers around $5 per month does not discard. To remove the ads from your site, you have to go to different monthly plan, that costs are more than the website developer that are out there right now.

3. Shopify.com

Shopify is also the best site building platform, it is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Shopify is the name of its proprietary e-commerce platform for retail point-sale system and online store.

Also, it is specially designed for the online store, online marketing, and e-commerce website.

It provides the best services for more than one million users with half million professionals. Over 40 billion dollars worth products have been sold on Shopify website platform.


The Shopify is all-in-one fully hosted solution. Means that, you don’t need to worried about managing software, installing updates, or keeping backups of your data.

Shopify provides all the services. It provides the integrated payment solution called Shopify Payments. You can also add third-party payment mode.


If you are just starting out with this, you should check out the Shopify price list. Because it’s price is a little bit higher than some other website makers on the internet.


BoldGrid is a free premium website-builder that is packaged with any hosting plan from Web hosting hub and Inmotion hosting.

It is powered by WordPress, using a handy drag-and-drop editor, no coding knowledge is required, comes with professional, modern and responsive themes and you have 100% ownership of your site.


BoldGrid has built over the WordPress, so you can get full advantage of WordPress with a customized user test.

BoldGrid website builder platform permits you to take a professional design from their theme’s gallery. After that, you can complete the designs with a drag and drop designer.

You can hit and click on any item in the preview section to change its properties. You can change fonts, color, layout, navigation menus etc.


BoldGrid runs over the WordPress, so you will still necessary a self-hosted WordPress.org website to use it.

But the best part is backups are contained through BoldGrid backups, so you don’t need to worry about that.  


Squarespace is a popular and fully hosted website builder for everyone searching to create a perfect website. It has and power customization tool and classy templates for good designing.

It can automatically regulate your website to suitable the display its viewed on, including touchscreens of all sizes.


Squarespace covers tons of website designs to start the business. All designs are completely ready for all types of blog. They are completely editable, and Squarespace permits you to use different templates for the same website at once.

Squarespace also has an e-commerce plan which permits to add an online store on the website. It gives a good interface to manage your products, orders, coupon discounts etc.

Squarespace start with a Cover Page. These easy layouts can be used as a standalone website or integrated with templates.


Once you have selected your templates, it’s not immediately obvious how to customize it. Firstly, you need to find the Style Editor, and then you have to work out how to upload your picture.

You need your sites to look extensive on the screen of all sizes, and Squarespace’s automatic mobile responsiveness gives you the best chance of that.


Wrapping this all end! Here, we have discussed a way to choose the best Website Building Platform.

Often, we search How to choose the perfect website builder? Thus, we hope this blog will help you to choose the best site builder.

However, If you have any problem with the same, then, let me know in the comments section. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends.

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