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UC mini is known to be the most popular browsers in the market, which is a handy browser with a really small app size that takes negligible space and almost no RAM while browsing the sites. It comes with a number of amazing features and provides the best browsing experience. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to adapt and use.

Is the UC mini data-saving?

Yes, it is a data-saving browser, in the time of expensive data packs it is said to save some 90% of the data. So, if you are planning a UC mini install then there is nothing to fuss about. It is data as well as space saving.

Why choose UC mini?

UC mini is said to run smoothly on both Android and IPS devices, the browser has a clean design that makes it lighter from the other browsers. It is also loaded with a number of tools than the other browsers and tabs are also organized in such a way that they don’t look cluttered. The main interface is user-friendly, so you get what you want without having to wander much.

What are the features that make the UC mini app the best browser?

  • It is small in size so it takes up less space.
  • Bookmarks from pre-existing browsers can be imported to it.
  • It comes with a data saving technology.
  • Smart downloading makes downloading easier than it has ever been before.
  • It comes with an incognito mode option to maintain anonymity.
  • Night mode that makes surfing at night quite comfortable.
  • Free storage.
  • Cloud downloading is another option that makes it interesting to use.
  • Saves pages that can be used offline.
  • It has the option of full-screen resolution.
  • There is the text only option.
  • Comes with a data usage tracker and a network speed tracker.
  • Completely safe and secure to use.
  • Privacy guaranteed.

How to download the UC mini browser on Android and IOS devices?

The UC mini browser can be downloaded through a number of mediums for both Android and IOS devices; once downloaded then you can go ahead with the UC mini install. These are the few mediums:


  • Google play store- First you need to go to the play store, search for UC mini and then tap on install; trust the app by giving permission and then will automatically get installed.
  • APK from the main UC mini site- Connect to the internet from your Android device, then open the browser available, type and then click to download the UC mini. Once downloaded install it on the phone.


  • V share- Download the V share, search for it in the store, tap and install then wait for the app to get installed. Trust the application and wait for it to get installed and then launch.

• UC mini APK from the app store- Open the application store, search for UC mini APK and then select a relevant result and tap for UC mini install. Install the app and then let it download. Launch once it is installed.

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