Design and Web Development Tips – A “Font” of Knowledge

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If you’ve got an idea for a new digital business opportunity, then you might be in need of some Melbourne web development. While many companies can assist with the creation of your site as well as your market, the design of the new page is fundamentally important to how users see your business.

A business’ website is like their shopfront; if it is messy and unorganised, users are turned off due to the inherent lack of quality and professionalism. Don’t fall prey to poor design; work with top-quality design experts that can help grow your business.

One element that we frequently see underutilised is that of a website’s font. Fonts can convey as much personality and brand as the content written with it and can deliver some incredible contrast and increased readability. However, one font only can be dull and boring, but knowing how to pair fonts can be quite challenging.

Overarching Design

Fonts enhance design aspects of a particular website, so it’s important to understand the goals of the project, the nature and quality of the content and client preference. Clients might have specific ideas about types and amounts, but maintaining consistency across the entire website is most critical for your new website.


Colour is a huge element of web design, with different colours influencing users in unique and unexpected ways. While you might already have colours to work with, know that font colour is equally variable and important. Ensure that font colours are contrasted well to avoid challenging reading, be prepared to change colours depending on topics or sections, and avoid the use of glowing colours (like neon) as they can vary through different display types.

Complement vs. Contrast

When working with multiple fonts, one of the above phrases will be your mantra for the duration of the project. Fonts that complement each other might be from the same family of fonts, or even from the same designers. Further, line quality of fonts can be quite effective for complimentary pairings too.

Contrasting fonts work in the same way as contrasting design elements, pairing loose with tight, light with heavy and variations in serif usage to achieve the distinction between the two fonts. Proportionality of font is also critical with variations in size capable of contrasting quite nicely.


For those who are curious, line width shouldn’t be any wider than 75 characters. Otherwise, users have too much legwork to do to get from one side of the screen to the other and are more likely to abandon the line than finish it. Furthermore, for main body content, keep font sizing consistent a legible throughout; too big and you elongate the website to your detriment; too small and users can’t read anything.

Fonts Are a Challenging Aspect of Web Development

Building a new website from scratch can be challenging, and if a designer has used the wrong types of fonts, they risk derailing the site before it even gets going. Melbourne web development relies on the correct usage of these elements, so ensure you know how to select and work with the right types of fonts for your next website.

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