How to Convert Outlook Archive to PDF – A Reliable Approach

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Outlook Archive to PDF

Are you looking for a solution to convert Outlook archive to PDF? Here is the easy solution for the users who want to convert their Outlook Archive PST File to PDF File format. The blog covers the reliable manual as well as an automated approach to export Outlook Archive to PDF. 

As we all know that archiving is a way by which inactive information or data is stored for a long period of time. This information may or may not be required or used in the future. There are many people who are using Outlook email client for multiple purposes like business or personal communication, managing emails, contacts etc.  So, the bulk amount of data is stored which includes emails, calendars, contacts, tasks. Therefore, Outlook users archive their old data items to stop the overloading of mailbox storage space. Sometimes, the users want to convert Outlook archive into PDF.  PDF’s are Portable Document Format files which are simple and easy to create, compatible across multiple platforms, provide document-level security and much more. Thus, people want to export their Outlook archive data items to PDF file format.

Are you searching for a reliable and secure solution to convert Outlook archive items into PDF? Do not worry, you are landed on a perfect page. In this blog, we are going to discuss a simple way to move all the Outlook archive data files to PDF file format using Outlook to PST Converter.

Need to Convert Outlook Archive to PDF Format 

In PDF file all the elements are captured as an electronic image that a user can view, print, forward, navigate etc. There are many advantages of using PDF files. Some of them are explained below:

  • PDFs are universal that means that a user can view PDF files on any device. On the other hand, a user cannot open Outlook archive file on any device. As Outlook stores data in PST file format.
  • Graphic Integrity is maintained in a PDF file. No matter which operating system or device a user is using to view a PDF file. It will display the exact same content and layout.
  • With PDF format, a user can protect the PDF file by putting the password at the document level.
  • A user can easily integrate different types of content like text, images, vector graphics, 3-D models, interactive fields, hyperlinks etc. into a PDF file.

Manual Approach To Convert Outlook Archive to PDF File Format 

A user can convert Outlook archive data to Portable document format by following the simple step by step procedure given below:

  1. First of all, you have to open MS Outlook on your local machine
  2. Then on the menu bar, you will see File Menu. Click on it and select Save As an option
  3. Now, a new window will appear, where you have to select the type of the file you want to save in the File type as an option
  4. After that, select HTML file format and browse the location where you want to save the HTML file. Click on the Save button
  5. Now, go to the location where you have saved the HTML file and then open that file in MS Word. To open the HTML file in MS Word right click on it and then Open with MS Word
  6. You will see that HTML is opened in MS Word. Go to File Menu in MS Word and then select Save as Option
  7. After this, select File type as PDF file and select a location to save your PDF file
  8. Now, you can easily view Outlook archive data in PDF format

Shortcomings of Manual Approach: There are some drawbacks associated with the manual approach like it is a time-consuming and lengthy method. Technical knowledge is required by the user to convert Outlook Archive to PDF. If any of the steps are performed in an incorrect way then it can lead to data loss. A user cannot convert thousands of Outlook archive files into PDF format. To eliminate all the drawbacks of the manual method it is suggested to a user to go for an automated solution.

Automated Approach to Convert Outlook Archive PST File to PDF File Format Outlook to PDF Converter

To avoid all the limitations associated with the manual approach it is recommended to a user to opt for a smart and reliable solution that is SysTools Outlook to PDF Converter. This utility exports all the MS Outlook PST files in PDF file format. Moreover, it is capable to scan and recover the PST files. No file size limitation is linked with this software. The software provides advanced scanning mode feature also. It also provides different modes to convert single and multiple PST files into PDF format. A user can easily work with this tool as no technical expertise is required, no risk of data loss is associated with it. Overall, it is a perfect utility for all the users who want to convert Outlook archive to PDF.


There are multiple ways using which user can convert PST archive files into PDF format. But, the manual approach can be quite a time to consume & hence needs technical knowledge. Therefore, in this blog, we have introduced a reliable and secure solution i.e. Outlook PST to PDF Converter using which user can easily convert Outlook archive to PDF.

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